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10 Things You Can Do To Lead An Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

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1. Buy more sustainable clothes

While fast fashion is undeniably convenient for many of us who don’t want to spend a lot of money on our clothing, it’s also unfortunately extremely unsustainable. If you want to do your bit, you can seek out brands that pride themselves on providing ethical clothing and fabrics. This applies to all kinds of clothing; you can buy sustainable pyjamas for men, sustainable underwear, sustainable coats and hats…there isn’t a single type of clothing that doesn’t have a sustainable alternative of some kind.

2. Cut back on car travel

Public transport is undeniably a more eco-friendly way to travel than driving everywhere. The greenest mode of transport is apparently the bus, which doesn’t surprise us; since they’re able to seat multiple passengers across a single journey, they’re clearly more efficient than cars. With green alternatives being rolled out across the country as well, buses are clearly the way to travel. You could also consider getting a season ticket for the train if you’re situated near a station.

3. Walk more

If you’re able to, walking can be an excellent way to reduce your carbon footprint. There may be certain destinations you visit frequently that are within walking distance, or could be if you build up your fitness level. Of course, for many this won’t be possible, so do make sure you’re not causing yourself undue physical stress or pain by deciding to walk more. However, if you are capable of walking, you’d be amazed at the money you can save and at the boost to your mental health.

4. Use eco-friendly groceries

Cleaning products, personal hygiene options, and more can all be switched out for eco-friendly alternatives. The level of plastic waste involved in many of the non-eco-friendly versions of these products can be shocking, so if you want to help out, consider switching to brands that are confirmed to be environmentally conscious. You could also consider shopping locally rather than visiting huge supermarkets, although we understand that might not be possible for everyone.

5. Consider going vegan

Dispel all of the tired stereotypes about vegans and veganism from your mind. For a start, vegan food can be absolutely delicious if prepared right. In addition, veganism is by far the most environmentally friendly diet there is, so if you’re concerned about saving the planet – or at the very least contributing to that cause – then veganism is the way to go. You could also consider a two-thirds vegan or pescetarian diet if you’re not ready to make the full jump yet.

6. Recycle everything you can

It goes without saying, but one of the best ways to be eco-friendly and lead an environmentally conscious lifestyle is to recycle things. Most residences now have recycling centres or bins you can put your recyclable materials into, so there’s no excuse not to. Next time you’ve got paper or card waste – or plastic or glass, for that matter – don’t simply toss it into the bin. You’ll be doing someone a favour if you recycle it instead.

7. Manage appliances and power

Keeping things plugged in and on standby when we don’t strictly need them is one of the most wasteful things we can do. Not only is it ecologically unfriendly to leave devices powered on – even if they’re in low-power mode – but it’s also economically foolish to do so. When you’re done with an appliance, make sure you switch it off at the mains and don’t leave it in rest mode. What you lose in convenience, you’ll more than make up for in environmental impact.

8. Buy sustainable tech

There’s a whole tech movement emerging that emphasises sustainable technology rather than simply the latest and greatest devices. Most of us don’t actually need those ludicrously expensive flagship phones, so if you want to make an impact, this is an area you should look into. Of course, sustainable tech will come with a performance cost, but given the favour you’ll be doing the planet, that cost is negligible. We could all do with slowing down a little anyway, right?

9. Change your energy supplier

While there is a more general push towards eco-friendly energy supply, many suppliers still don’t make this part of their mission statement. It’s worth hunting down a list of the most green energy suppliers and enquiring about making the switch. You’d be amazed at just how easy it can be to swap your supplier; many companies make it seem much more difficult than it is in an effort to dissuade you from making the leap, but all it takes is a quick phone call in most cases.

10. Grow and maintain your garden

If you’re lucky enough to have a garden space, don’t just leave it overgrown with weeds or cluttered with random junk. Clear it out, seed some plants, and watch as your garden transforms itself into a mini-ecosystem. This can have a hugely beneficial impact on the environment if you do it right. You could also think about growing your own fruit and vegetables, which would be massively preferable to buying them from huge supermarket chains.     

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