How To Upgrade Your Boat For Maximum Value For Money

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So you’ve managed to save enough money to buy a boat and you are now the proud owner of a watercraft. While it’s true that not many people can say that they own a boat, there’s just a certain appeal in being the owner of something that’s unique. Like many possessions, being able to customize your boat properly doesn’t just add style points to your new toy, it also increases your boat’s value.

But, there are simply so many possible upgrades that you can choose from. While having a choice is often a good thing, in this case it is not, especially when some upgrades simply aren’t worth the money or they just don’t make any sense. So, with that in mind, what are the boat upgrades that would give you the most value for money? 

Engine Upgrade 

While an engine upgrade will most likely be one of the more expensive upgrades you can get for your boat, it will also be the upgrade that’s most likely going to offer the most return. An improved engine means that your boat has a boost in torque, speed, and fuel efficiency. This also sets your boat up for better upgrades like a wakeboard tower from, which will require a lot of power in order for you to enjoy wakeboarding thoroughly.

Seat Upholstery 

Most of the wear and tear on a boat happens on the seats. You could get food, water, sand, and all sorts of other dirt and grime on the seats.  This is unfortunate, considering the fact that the reason why you’d want to go for a boat ride is the comfort you find while you’re at sea. While it’s true that upholstery maintenance is inevitable and expensive, higher quality materials will almost always last longer than those of a lower quality.

Onboard Lighting 

Built-in LED lights are very energy-efficient and often come standard on boats. If yours doesn’t already have them, they are a great way to improve the aesthetics and functionality of your boat. Because LEDs also come in strips that are thin and sealed, it’s possible to install them anywhere on your boat.

Portable Power 

Whether you decide to get a house battery or a portable generator, having a portable power module installed on your boat grants you peace of mind. It could be in the form of being able to start your engine after spending the power reserves of your boat after a full day of running onboard systems, or when you simply need a power source to charge your mobile devices. This is especially important when you’re spending your day somewhere there isn’t power that’s readily available, like when you spend a holiday at the beach.

Bimini Top

A bimini top provides your boat with protection from the harsh sun during the summer and it helps keep your deck dry. If your boat doesn’t already come with a bimini top or if your old one simply needs to be replaced, this is a great upgrade and a staple to get for your boat.

While this isn’t an exhaustive list of upgrades that you need to get for your boat, this article amply illustrates the wisdom behind prioritizing practicality and functionality when buying upgrades. So, even when you have the money to spend on a boat, you need to make sure that you’re spending your money well.

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