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How To Be A Pro At Call of Duty: Mobile

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Have you played Call of Duty: Mobile yet? If not, you’ve got no excuse for not checking it out. Not only is it available both on Android and iOS, but it’s also completely free-to-play. That’s right: it won’t cost you a single penny to go download it right now and play it. If you’ve already played it, you’ll know how engaging and enjoyable the game can be when you’re playing it right, but that’s not always the case.

We all make mistakes when we’re playing Call of Duty: Mobile, but you don’t need to worry. We’ve compiled a guide on how you can be a true professional when you’re playing this game. Whether it’s gameplay tips or ways to master the myriad menus of CoD: Mobile, we’ve got you covered. Here’s our guide on how you can be a pro at Call of Duty: Mobile.

Master the in-game credit system

If you truly want to be a pro at Call of Duty: Mobile, you’ll need to know your way around the occasionally confusing in-game currency system. There are two kinds of points: COD Points and Credits. You’ll need an abundance of both if you want to stay on top of the ever-changing weapons, cosmetics, and other things the store offers. To find out more about CoD: Mobile’s in-game credits – including how you can get some – click here.

Learn the controls (and pick your favourite mode)

CoD: Mobile has entirely touchscreen-based controls, and while you may not feel like that would work for a first-person shooter, it actually feels incredible to control. Two firing modes are available to you: a simple mode and an advanced one that allows you to free-fire more easily. We strongly recommend the second mode, as it will help you to play more precisely.

Seriously, use advanced aiming

True pros at Call of Duty: Mobile don’t even think about simple fire mode. Instead, you should definitely be using advanced aiming, which allows you to manually aim your weapon. A greater degree of control is always something towards which you should be aiming (no pun intended) in online shooters, and Call of Duty: Mobile – despite its touch controls – is no different in this regard.

Know your enemy

Just like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile, Call of Duty: Mobile pits you against bots until level 10, at which point you’ll start to battle exclusively human enemies. Obviously, your tactics should switch up when you start to fight other people, but there are things you can learn from the bots’ tactics that you should apply to your fights once you hit level 10.

Claim unclaimed rewards frequently

Call of Duty: Mobile isn’t very good at explaining how you collect your rewards after battles. You’ll routinely gain rewards from things like killstreaks and headshots, and you’ll get rewards in the form of XP and items. If you don’t claim them, though, they’re completely useless because you won’t be able to use them. Make sure to click the small icon on the left of the main menu screen to collect your rewards.

Play with headphones

There’s a pretty solid argument for playing most multiplayer games with headphones. That rings especially true for Call of Duty: Mobile. You won’t be able to hear immersive audio elements like footsteps or shots from afar half as well if you don’t use headphones. Make sure to get a good pair, and don’t use Bluetooth if you can help it; you might experience some lag.

Pick your mode

There are three main gameplay modes in Call of Duty: Mobile. You’ll probably be familiar with them if you’ve played Call of Duty before, but it’s worth re-familiarising yourself with them so you know which one you want to main. Multiplayer is where you’ll find the standard deathmatch mode. Blackout is the battle royale option, and Zombies pits you against hordes of undead. Pick your favourite!

Practice regularly

When you haven’t played Call of Duty: Mobile for a while, you’re bound to feel like your skills are starting to slip. When that happens, it pays to practice. As they say, practice makes perfect, and there’s no reason why that adage shouldn’t apply to Call of Duty: Mobile too. Make sure to get some practice in against AI opponents if you truly want to dominate in the landscape of CoD: Mobile.

Jumping and mantling are key

Securing an advantage over your opponents is crucial in Call of Duty: Mobile, so you need to master your environment. To do this, keep the jumping and mantling controls firmly in mind. You should always be looking for opportunities to scale walls and ledges so that you can gain a height advantage. Additionally, if you can master the movement mechanics, jumping during a firefight makes you much harder to hit. 

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