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How To Play Snaps

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“Snaps” is a popular game often played in groups, and it’s both fun and intriguing. The objective of the game is to guess a secret word or phrase, which is communicated through a series of snaps and spoken clues. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to play Snaps:

1. Understanding the Basics

  • Players: Ideally 3 or more.
  • Objective: Guess the secret word or phrase.

2. Choose the Secret Word or Phrase

  • One player (the ‘snapper’) thinks of a word or phrase.
  • This word or phrase is kept secret from the other players.

3. Communicating the First Letter

  • The game begins with the snapper indicating the first letter of the word or phrase.
  • This is done by saying a sentence where the first word starts with that letter.
    • For example, for the word “Apple,” the sentence might be, “A word is what I’m thinking of.”

4. Conveying the Rest of the Letters

  • The snapper communicates the remaining letters using snaps and spoken clues.
  • For each subsequent letter of the word:
    • One snap represents the letter ‘A’, two snaps for ‘B’, three for ‘C’, and so on through the alphabet.
    • If a letter does not need snaps (like vowels), the snapper uses a sentence clue where the first word begins with the same letter.
      • E.g., “Every time” for the letter ‘E’.

5. Guessing the Word or Phrase

  • The other players listen to the snaps and the sentence clues.
  • They try to guess each letter and ultimately the entire word or phrase.
  • Players can shout out guesses at any time.

6. Winning the Game

  • The game ends when a player correctly guesses the word or phrase.
  • Alternatively, the game can continue with a new word and a different snapper.

Tips for Playing

  • Be creative with your sentence clues to make the game challenging.
  • Pay close attention to both the snaps and the spoken clues.
  • Practice a rhythm for snapping to ensure clarity in communication.


  • Difficulty Levels: Adjust the complexity of the words or phrases.
  • Teams: Divide into teams and take turns.
  • Timed Rounds: Introduce a time limit for guesses.


Snaps is an excellent game for testing your listening skills and creativity. It’s ideal for parties, get-togethers, or just as a fun icebreaker. Enjoy the game and let the snapping begin!

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