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How To Freeze Dry Candy

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Freeze-drying candy is a fascinating process that transforms regular sweets into a crunchy, unique snack. This method removes moisture from the candy, creating a new texture and often intensifying the flavor. Here’s a guide on how to freeze dry candy at home:

Equipment Needed

  • Freeze Dryer: A home freeze dryer is essential for this process. Unfortunately, a regular freezer won’t achieve the same result.
  • Trays: For placing the candy inside the freeze dryer.

Selecting the Candy

  • Types of Candy: Almost any type can be freeze-dried. Popular choices include gummy candies, marshmallows, chocolate bars, and hard candies.
  • Preparation: For larger or thicker candies, consider slicing them into smaller pieces for more uniform drying.

Freeze Drying Process

  1. Pre-Freezing (Optional): Pre-freeze the candy for a few hours before placing it in the freeze dryer. This can speed up the overall process.
  2. Arranging the Candy: Spread the candy pieces in a single layer on the freeze dryer trays. Ensure they’re not touching, as this might cause them to stick together.
  3. Loading the Freeze Dryer: Place the trays in the freeze dryer.
  4. Starting the Cycle: Turn on the freeze dryer and start the cycle. Most machines have a preset cycle for candy.

Monitoring and Timing

  • Duration: The process typically takes 24-48 hours, but this can vary depending on the type and thickness of the candy.
  • Checking Progress: Some freeze dryers have transparent lids or windows, allowing you to observe the process.

Post Freeze-Drying

  1. Removing the Candy: Once the cycle is complete, remove the candy from the freeze dryer. It should be noticeably lighter and have a crunchy texture.
  2. Storage: Store the freeze-dried candy in airtight containers. This helps to maintain its texture and prevents moisture reabsorption.

Tips and Considerations

  • Trial and Error: Not all candies react the same way to freeze drying. Experiment with different types and sizes.
  • Safety Precautions: Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for your freeze dryer to ensure safe operation.
  • Shelf Life: Freeze-dried candy can last for months, even years, if stored properly.


Freeze-drying candy at home is an enjoyable and creative process. It not only extends the shelf life of your sweets but also provides a novel way to enjoy them. Whether you’re a candy enthusiast or just looking for a fun kitchen experiment, freeze-drying candy offers an exciting culinary adventure!

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