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Many people have tried and failed over the years to get the perfect Sunday roast. And the secret is itís all about preparation and planning. It doesnít matter if youíre preparing for Christmas dinner, or if itís a regular Sunday at home. You need to make sure you have an idea and an action plan heading into the process.

Check out these tips that will help you make the perfect Sunday roast.


Choose Your Meat

This is the big one and the cause of many a family dispute. What’s the best meat? Which type is right for which occasion? Well, this is really a matter of taste more than anything else. It largely depends on your favourite kind of meat to begin with. But, when it comes to a Sunday roast, itís difficult to beat roast beef. Thereís just something so inherently British about it. And itís the safe choice too, for no one, surely, would turn their nose up at a lovely beef roast?!

Cook it Right

Okay, now youíve made your choice youíve reached the complex part of the process. You see, for a lot of roast dinners, so much comes down to the cooking time. And it can be tricky to get this part right unless you know what youíre doing. Sure, you will have cooking instructions, but there are other variables to account for. Oven cooking is the classic option. But suppose you have a small oven, or you want to oven cook other parts of the roast and donít have space. The best cooking option for the joint would be to use a slow cooker. You can pop it in on a high or low setting and leave it for hours. You donít have to worry about getting the timings in sync, and it frees you up to focus on other parts of the meal.


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Get the Potatoes Perfect

Ask most people about their favourite part of a roast dinner, and many will answer Ďroast potatoesí. And itís true, the potatoes do play a massive role in how great the roast dinner tastes. Throughout the years, people have strived to perfect the perfect roast potato recipe. Gourmet chefs and celebrities have weighed in with their ideas; such is the appeal. Now, you can try just rolling your potatoes in oil. But, to get them lovely and crispy you should use flour, semolina, or goose fat. This will make them a golden and crunchy bite of heaven.

DIY Yorkshire Puddings

Now, what roast beef dinner would be complete without Yorkshire Puddings? You can, of course, buy the ready-made Yorkshireís. But why on Earth would you want to do that? The best thing to do would be to make them yourself. You can do this with minimal effort, and they still wonít take long. There are so many recipes for Yorkshire Puddings out there that youíll need to do your homework. Try to pick the one that most appeals to you.

Okay, now you have the key elements sorted, and youíre well on your way. Of course, youíll need plenty of gravy and veg too, and a lovely red wine. But the important parts are the ones that need your time and attention. Making the perfect roast dinner is hard work, but so is anything thatís worth doing. Follow this post for tips on how to make your next Sunday roast impeccable.


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