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Garcinia Cambogia: Uses, Benefits & Hidden Facts

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Garcinia cambogia is a pumpkin-shaped small fruit that usually comes in yellow & green color. The fruit has a sour flavor that people don’t eat it in raw and fresh form, but rather use it after the cooking. Apart from cooking it is taken in the form of supplements that are made from the fruit peel extracts. The fruit peel contains a high volume of hydroxy citric acid (HCA), which is an active substance used for weight loss purposes as it has properties to do so. The supplements generally have 20–60% of HCA. However, the studies have shown that supplements containing 50–60% HCA are the most beneficial.

The HCA extract in Garcinia cambogia is available in multiple forms and can be easily purchased from any retail store. As per the result from different studies, it has been observed that this herbal supplement and its extracts are helpful in weight loss over the years. The benefits range from mild to incredible, so when taking the supplements it is important to have the patience to get desired results.

How effectively Garcinia cambogia helps a person in losing weight?

The most important ways in which Garcinia cambogia helps to lose weight are:

  1. Lower Your Appetite

When tested on the rats it has been found that the supplements reduce the appetite. Similarly, when tested on the humans it has been found that Garcinia cambogia makes you feel full. Its actual process isn’t fully known, but reports of rats suggest that the garcinia Cambogia active ingredient can increase serotonin present in the brain. This serotonin chemical is known as an appetite suppressant. Higher content of serotonin in the blood reduces your appetite. However, these results completely vary from person to person. Some studies have found no change in the appetite of people.

  1. Reduce Belly Fat & Stop Fat Production

Another important way by which it helps in weight loss is by reducing belly fat. Garcinia cambogia helps to block the production of new fatty acids in the body. Reports regarding human tests show that they reduce high levels of fat in the blood and lower the oxidative stress in the human body. In addition to that, it lowers the blood sugar level in some people.

  1. Increase Body Stamina

Garcinia cambogia is also considered as stamina increasing supplement. Researchers found that humans consuming supplements shown some evidence for this claim. The HCA present in it increases the stamina levels during the exercise and stop people feeling tired. However, long-term studies need to claim this benefit of Garcinia cambogia.

The Garcinia cambogia herbal supplement is in use for a long time. This pumpkin-shaped fruit is safe to eat, and its HCA content has helped several people to lose weight. But the point of concern is what it is if a person is not having any benefit of consuming supplements then he or she should research it well and share it with a doctor before consuming further. Weight loss pills are easily available in the market, but they are often not beneficial in the long term. Having a healthy diet and doing regular exercise are the two best ways to manage body weight. HCA Supplements help you with these efforts, but nothing will benefit if you are not having a healthy lifestyle.

Interesting Facts Regarding Garcinia Cambogia

  1. Garcinia cambogia is majorly grown in countries like Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Africa, and Sri Lanka.
  2. Many people know Garcinia cambogia by the name of Garcinia gummi-gutta, which is a tropical series of Garcinia.
  3. Many people in different areas will recall it by different names such as red mango, pot tamarind, kokum butter oil tree, gambooge and many more.
  4. Garcinia cambogia is generally found in the shape of a pumpkin and grows to the size of a large tomato.
  5. Medical researchers have found its extract beneficial in treating diabetes, ulcers, cancer, diarrhea, and constipation.
  6. Its biggest benefit that made it popular all over the globe is its supplements helping in weight loss, reducing appetite, and improving body stamina.
  7. The Garcinia cambogia major compound is hydro citric acid (HCA) which releases an enzyme that melts accumulated body fat. In simple words, the fat would get burned in the form of calories.
  8. With the consumption of Garcinia cambogia, Serotonin, a hormone present in the body gets increased thus making you full. This serotonin enhances your mood and lower stress-related eating.
  9. The first detailed research on Garcinia cambogia happened two decades ago. The study revealed that it is effective in reducing weight but not better than a placebo.
  10. The usage of Garcinia cambogia helps a person in reducing blood sugar levels. People have diabetes should consult with their doctor before consuming the supplement.
  11. This herbal supplement can be found in the form of capsules, tablets, liquids, and powders and can be obtained from any retail store. However, it is advised to take capsules on an empty stomach, and that to 30 minutes prior to having a meal.
  12. According to reports, several garcinia Cambogia supplements don’t have the appropriate amount of Garcinia cambogia mentioned on the pack. Apart from that, it has been found the doses HCA amount were either too low or too high. It is advised to take the capsules, from a reputed brand and make sure it has at least 50-60 percent HCA.

Garcinia cambogia is a supplement derived from pumpkin-shaped fruit to reduce weight and boost body stamina. Although studies show mixed results regarding its effectiveness. Some research reveals that it can cause slightly more weight loss than mentioned and assumed. This effect is promising for those who are trying efforts for weight loss. Garcinia Cambogia can be an exceptionally useful supplement for people who are attempting to stifle their cravings and lose weight. The positive impacts of the supplements on blood sugar & body fats maybe its best advantage. If you really want to stay healthy and lose weight, proper exercise with a healthy diet and a change in lifestyle is a must.

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