How To Spend Valentines Day for those with Cosmetic Dreams

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While it’s not exactly the most romantic idea, some partners would be thrilled to spend Valentine’s day having their lips injected, teeth whitened, and even their skin peeled away! If you’re considering surprising your other half with a cosmetic surgery trip abroad, then you could be in for some serious romantic brownie points this Valentine’s day – or a huge row.

While women tend to opt for cosmetic surgery more often than men, this is a gift that could potentially be for either sex. The very first thing to remember about treating your partner to cosmetic surgery abroad, is that it has to be their idea to have the surgery in the first place! It’s one thing to wonder about having one’s nose fixed, but quite another having your partner book you in for the treatment unexpectedly. The very safest option is to surprise your partner with idea of the trip, but allow them to choose the treatments that they would like to undergo.

If you have an idea of the type of treatments that your partner would like, then you can get some idea of the budget that you will need. Popular treatments are things Botox, lip and facial fillers and other injectables, and for men a hair transplant is a very popular choice.

Aftercare and recovery is an important part of the trip. Choosing treatments that aren’t too invasive and don’t require a lot of recovery means that you can both get on with your life once the break is over. Having your cheeks filled means you can be back in the office as soon as you land, but a more involved procedure like a hair transplant or intense chemical peel for example, may mean time off work, or time that can’t be spent on day to day activities. It’s important to plan for what happens when you both return home too.

To get the best of a cosmetic surgery trip, schedule any important sightseeing trips or romantic restaurant visits for before surgery, as it’s difficult to tell exactly how long it will take them to recover. Some people come bounding out of the surgeon’s office hungry for entertainment, while others prefer to take a few days to do nothing but relax and recover.

Finally, if you really aren’t sure whether you ought to surprise your significant other with the idea of a cosmetic surgery trip, then leave the surprise element out of it and simply ask them. Do your research, then tell them what you are thinking of doing. They’ll either love or hate the idea, but at least you will be clear on which one.

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