A Precious Ecosystem in your Guts – How to Replenish It?

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It was a prominent belief amongst the ancient Greeks that all diseases begin in the gut. Medicine has come a long way since then but this is one statement that stays true to an extent. Our gastrointestinal system is loaded with tools and ammunition to fight bad bacteria and other toxins. Our guts contain good bacteria that help process food and spread nutrients all over to keep us alive.

At times though, we are very unkind to our gut. We take medicines and inadvertently ingest chemicals which are harmful to our digestive process. We get stressed and this creates hormonal imbalances and changes the functioning of the gut. We work in environments that are full of toxins – industrial sites and high vehicle traffic areas are just some examples. This causes us to breathe in a lot of dangerous agents and once again, our body’s internal organs have to deal with them.

Then there are bad diets. Food nowadays contains herbicides, pesticides, and other chemicals. This situation is a sad byproduct of commercialized farming. All these chemicals and foreign molecules destroy the unique ecosystem in your gut (dysbiosis) and it stops functioning properly.

Gut-Related Diseases

A weak gut results in many ailments. Heartburn, irritable bowel syndrome and bloating are some of the common conditions that you may feel if your gut is not working fine. A badly performing gastrointestinal system can lead to complications in other organs – your skin, bones, and bowels may suffer too.

The gut acts as a filter to the rest of your body – it stops bad agents from reaching other, more delicate organs. If this barrier becomes weak, your entire body health gets compromised. Some of the diseases that can occur because of a bad gut are rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, chronic fatigue syndrome, various types of allergies, and kidney diseases. Colon cancer is another serious condition that affects thousands of men and women in the USA.

This is just a short description of concerns that are associated with gut health, meant not to scare but to make you aware. Maybe now is the right time to consider a ‘gut cleanse’.

When should you cleanse your gut?

Are you tired all the time? Do you experience an upset tummy more often than not? Is there a feeling of lethargy and low energy as you go about your everyday routine? Are you gaining weight and becoming less fit?

A lot of these can be attributed to specific conditions, but there are times when it just feels like an all-reaching physical and mental depression. It comes down to one thing – your energy levels are low and your gut is overstressed. It might just be time for an internal overhaul or spring cleaning – a gut cleanse.

So what exactly is a ‘gut cleanse’? A cleanse or detox process for the digestive system would involve you skipping many types of foods. You will also be restricted to a nutritious high-fiber diet that is low on carbs, sugar, and salt. Many experts recommend you add special formulas to your diet. Microbe Formulas creator of gut cleanse supplements, has an entire range of specialized products that include BioActive carbon.

Benefits of a Gut Cleanse – Cleaner System, Higher Energy

Here are some of the benefits of a gut cleanse. The main change you will feel is an improved digestion process. Your digestive system gets a big refresh from the cleansing process. You will not feel constipation symptoms and your gut will be able to absorb nutrients in a proper manner.

A gut cleanse reduces constipation. When you are constipated, a lot of waste remains in your digestive system instead of getting dispelled on time, along with harmful toxins and microbes. A gut cleanse allows cleaner and timely bowel movements, preventing digestive-system related ailments.

If your intestines have to process toxins all day, there will be no time for its other function – absorbing nutrients and sending them to other parts of the body. A gut cleanse clears the path for your intestine to do more constructive things. You will be able to maintain your energy levels throughout the day and this is beneficial to your mental health too. Higher energy levels will allow you to concentrate better.

Long-Term Weight Management

Losing weight is possible in many ways, some of them quite extreme. What many people overlook is that maintaining an ideal weight requires a long-term strategy. Many people go to great costs to shed some pounds only to gain the weight back simply because they cannot sustain the new lifestyle. A cleansing of the gut can be your ticket to healthy and sustainable weight management.

Once you have completed your gut cleanse process, you will have experienced a bit of a new healthy lifestyle. Do not go back to your old routine without incorporating some of the new habits. Add more fiber and enjoy your newfound freedom from caffeine and sugar rushes by sticking to a healthier diet. This can be your stepping stone to a life of more exercise as you will be better nourished. Weight loss will be achieved in a regulated and safe manner.

Phases of the Gut Cleansing Process

A good ‘gut cleanse’ or detox process is one which is gradual in nature. To prepare your body for a detox, you will need to drain the waste products out. The diet should focus on nourishing your kidneys, lymphatic system, and colon – organs which help expel waste. The next part of the detox process is the cleaning up of your gut. Nowadays, you can add specially formulated supplements that help your gut bacteria recover as part of the detox process.

Experience a Lifestyle Upgrade

We tend to put health and well-being on the backburner in our daily rush and this catches up in the form of disease, fatigue, and lethargy. It is time to acknowledge the need for a healthy diet and good habits. One small step can usher you into a completely new and invigorating lifestyle. The gut cleanse is a great way to rejuvenate yourself physically. Speak to the right professionals and learn more about this journey to an improved well-being.

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