How to Plan for a Great Second Honeymoon

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A second honeymoon is a great way to revive your love life and infuse fresh energy into your relationship by getting away from the routine of home, kids and work. It is a chance for couples to bury old grudges and start afresh on a new journey of love and companionship. If you’re contemplating a romantic getaway with your spouse, here are 7 tips to make your vacation a memorable experience you’ll cherish for years to come.

Plan it together

Just the thought of going away and having some much-needed private time can instill enthusiasm into a relationship. So share the idea of a second honeymoon with your spouse and invite them to plan it with you. Right from when and where to go to selecting the airline and resort that best suit your budget and preferences, planning the vacation together gives a couple something to look forward to each day until the day they pack their bags and leave for the airport.

Be willing to reach a happy compromise

It is very much possible for a couple’s idea of a second honeymoon to differ widely from each other. While you may be dreaming of a fun and adventurous vacation in Thailand, your partner may just want to fly to a tropical island closer home and have an easy and relaxed beach vacation.

It’s tough to reach a compromise when you have such varying choices, but it’s not impossible. If your objective of planning a romantic vacation is to indulge your spouse, you won’t have much difficulty giving in to their wishes—better still, make it a win-win by picking a tropical island that offers plenty of activities and a thriving nightlife for you to have your fill of adventure.

Make advance reservations

Paying up beforehand will not only get you a better price, it will also ensure that you don’t end up cancelling the trip for trivial reasons that tend to crop up and jeopardize a well-deserved and long-awaited vacation.

Book an all-inclusive couples’ retreat

Explore all-inclusive luxury beach resorts for a value-for-money honeymoon trip. All-inclusive vacation plans have multiple advantages: you get to have a luxurious vacation at affordable pricing; several custom perks are included to make your honeymoon more special; a wide range of luxury inclusions ensure that you have an elevated, premium vacation at a preset price; and, lastly, an all-inclusive couples getaway offers a host of recreation and entertainment activities at no extra cost.

Before you pay up for an all-inclusive plan, confirm the perks included in the plan and check whether you need to make advance reservation for any of the activities.

Leave the children at home

As much as you hate the idea of leaving the kids behind and having them miss out on an amazing vacation, refrain from turning your second honeymoon into a family vacation. The whole point of taking this trip and doing so much planning and organizing is to reward yourself and your spouse with alone time where you can forget the stresses of daily life and focus on each other. So make arrangements for the kids to be happy, safe and engaged while you’re away and focus on making the most of your lovers’ getaway.

Consider vow renewal

Many couples on their second or third honeymoon renew their wedding vows to mark the beginning of a new phase in their marital journey. Retying the nuptial knot is a beautiful way for couples to remind each other of the value of love and commitment in a relationship. Find out if your resort can arrange for a simple ceremony for you. In fact, many resorts in the Caribbean specialize in arranging bespoke vow-renewal vacations, honeymoons and destination weddings.

Treat each other well no matter what

The goal of taking a honeymoon after many years of being married should not be to find space and time to resolve marital issues. Rather, it needs to be an opportunity for couples to treat each other with love and respect and shower undivided attention on one another sans the usual distractions of chores, responsibilities and gadgets. This indeed takes effort and commitment, but it is the smaller gestures that will make your honeymoon a resounding success.

Lastly, to make the most of your long-awaited second honeymoon, choose a location and time of year when you can get away for longer without upsetting your finances—look for off-season deals, limited-period offers, and ask the resort how they can make your stay even more special.

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