How To Keep Up with Big Data Tools & Trends in 2019

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Big data is a field that is promising major shake-ups in the year 2019. With every business getting concerned with useful analytics, big data is steadily pushing new frontiers. One trend that will ultimately take center stage is the increase in data.

Just how can you cope with the rapid development that comes with big data in 2019?

Expanding IoT Market

The Internet of Things market is expected to make the most news in 2019. While IoT inventions usually seek to bring convenience to their users, big data will immensely benefit.

For example, when we finally have Alexa-enabled TV sets, the TV would collect tons of data from the TV owner such as the favorite channel, most watched programs, time of watching and the amount of time spent watching a given program

Predictive analytics

With proliferation of data, organizations will have a huge set of information to sift through. As an apt manager, the best way to take advantage of these trends is to position the company.

With data comes a wide range of opportunities to place the companies in a position to make progress.  With the right data, however, companies are able to make informed decisions going in to the future. And, as written in the article ‘Big data tools’, there are several tools to analyze information.

Dark data exploration

Dark data is usually data that is not in use currently. This could probably be because it is unexplored or there is dearth in tools that can derive such data.  In 2019, most dark data will come to the fore.

Potentially, these sets of data could be the missing link between an organization and its success. For this matter, the best way to prepare for dark data is to lie in wait and pounce on the ideas once you get to see for yourself.

Open source

The big data industry is expected to experience a spike in open source technologies. Even as news firms are struggling with restricted websites, 2019 is going to be marked by major open source cloud and internet resources.

The increase in open sourcing would mean more access to data that was previously unavailable to business. With more insights come better decision-making and increased profits.

Companies which are expecting to leverage this data to spur business growth should well be ready for the action.

 CDOs in High Demand

With the increase in data, 2019 is looking up especially for Chief Data Officers. This being a newly created position in the office, CDOs are poised to be on demand like a hot cake.

Due to the growing capacity of big data, organizations will need the specialists dedicated to the analysis of useful company data, visualization and interpretation. Businesses keen to tap into the big data market should invest in astute Chief Data Officers to ensure their firms do not miss to start the race at the beginning.

Quantum computing

Quantum Computing allows businesses to have a seamless data encryption, weather prediction, solving complex medical problems, real conversations and better financial modeling to make companies develop quantum computing components, algorithms, applications and software tools on qubit cloud services.

In a tight race to be part of a major invention, the IBM, Microsoft and Google plan to build the quantum computer.


With companies racing against time to find themselves on the right side of a revolutionary transformation, big data is stealing the show. As a manager in charge of strategy, you should understand the problems the market currently faces and their potential solutions. Big data is coming out steadily to be a know-it-all, thanks to major developments.

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