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How to Become an Electrician

Employment opportunities for electricians seem to be increasing as the economy and population increase too. The demand for qualified London electricians will steadily rise over the coming years as new government rules and increased awareness of electrical safety come into place. Not only that, a lot of electricians today are nearing the time to retire, so the demand will be even higher! As an electrician you can enjoy a profitable and satisfying career, so read this guide and get started!

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Being An Electrician

A qualified electrician can work in many sectors depending on the training they have had. They can work in public or private places and could be doing thing such as installing or testing different pieces of equipment.

You can end up working pretty much anywhere in any sector as a qualified technician. Some places include: engineering, manufacturing work, on commercial property or in hospitals.

It’s a very varied job, some days you may be expected to work alone, others you may be expected to work as part of a team of electricians. You can be indoors or outdoors depending on what the job is.


As a qualified electrician it’s up to you whether you want to start up your own business and become self employed, work on a contract or work for a company. Progression up the business ladder is possible but the competition is tough. Management positions and similar positions can be achieved by having the commitment and desire to further your professional development.

Progression up the business ladder can be helped by doing extra courses, either at home in your own time or on day/night courses.

What Makes A Good Electrician?

Generally, good electricians should be practical and good with their hands, as this will be the main part of their job day in day out. Being able to solve problems quickly and efficiently is always good too. You should also be able to follow rules, regulations and guidelines to become a reputable electrician.

Communication skills help in any job role, as does being physically fit enough to work on a job all day. You must also have perfect colour vision to help with jobs that include wiring!

Qualifications Needed

For a younger person who knows they want to work as an electrician, the best way to go about getting a job is to apply for an apprenticeship in electrical installation. 17-19 is the ideal age for this, but there are some apprenticeships available for older candidates.

An apprenticeship will require you to have GCSE’s in maths, english and science all with a C or higher. Being able to understand technical drawings is a plus, however it’s not necessary and it’s likely an employer would consider you if you showed enough motivation and commitment. Learning about the subject online before you have an interview can help you too. Show the interviewer that you’re keen and you’ve got a good chance of getting that apprenticeship.

An apprenticeship usually takes around 3-4 years, and you’ll have to attend college to learn the theory to the practical.

If it’s not possible for you to do an apprenticeship, you can take a variety of electrician courses, either at home or college.

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