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How To Cut Energy Bills In The Workplace

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There’s no doubt about it, businesses consumer a lot of energy. Powering the operations of a company is no mean feat, and it all adds up. However, if the number on your energy bill keeps going up every quarter, it’s time to make a change. Energy costs are one place where you can shave thousands from your annual running costs. It just requires a deep look at the business. Find all the places that you could reduce energy use and start making changes.

There are so many hidden energy consumers when it comes to businesses. Printers, air curtains and even a kettle will drain electricity when used by hundreds of employees. Air conditioning and heating costs can also spiral when powering a large office. Here are some small things you can do that will make an instant difference.

Make employees aware

The first thing to do is ensure that everyone understands the goal. Explain the importance of energy saving to all individuals. Make sure they know to turn monitors off, switch lights off and use less water in the kettle. Ensure they are making the small changes on a daily basis and sticking to it. If it helps, you can offer incentives to keep people on track.

Change supplier

Something as simple as changing your energy supplier could make a huge difference. It doesn’t always pay to stay loyal in the world of business energy. There is always a better deal to be struck. Start by speaking to new energy suppliers and get some new quotes. You could knock hundreds off your bill immediately.


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Keep the thermostat in check

 Keeping an office warm for a large number of employees is a real drain on energy. It’s an even bigger challenge if you have a warehouse or a factory. Don’t be afraid to knock the thermostat temperature down one or two degrees. There’ll be no noticeable difference in warmth, but you’ll save a great deal. Keep the thermostat on an automatic timer so it’s not powering up overnight and at weekends. 

Install energy efficient lightbulbs 

Energy saving lightbulbs do cost a little more when you purchase them. However, they run for up to ten times longer than average. It’s a simple and effective way to cut energy costs in the long run.

 Assess windows and insulation

 In older offices, a lot of heat will escape through the windows and the roof. It may be time to reassess the building you work from and whether it can be changed. You are particularly at risk if the office doesn’t have double glazing. Again, this is a change that requires some start up cost. Installing double glazing and new insulation can be expensive. However they will pay for themselves within a few years. If you’re looking towards the future, this is definitely something you should consider. 

There are a range of options on this list. All businesses can adapt to at least one or two of them. They are cost free and you’ll see an immediate improvement. Others will take a little investment, but the gains are well worth it in the long term. What changes can you make?


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