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How To Effectively Protect Your Office Premises


If you are starting a new business, you will be shopping around for offices to buy. Unfortunately, offices are a marked place that thieves and criminals constantly target. If you want to keep your offices safe, you have to be smart from the very beginning. That means even when you are buying an office property you should make protection your top concern.

Buying An Office Property

You may have been looking at office properties for a while, but you might not know what you should be looking for. If you want to stop thieves breaking into your property, you need it to look as though it is not worth their trouble. What we mean by this is ensuring your property looks like a difficult break in. You should be looking for offices with big locks on the doors and camera systems. You may also want to think about the company car park.  Office car parks are places youths notoriously hang around in at night. You do not want this, and neither do your employees, so make sure you buy a car park with a large wall or a big, steel fence. If you want it to look threatening, choose one with topping spikes. These will make trying to break in a rather painful experience. But do be aware that you could be held to premises liability.


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Improvements You Can Make

If you already have office property, you may still be looking for ways to increase your protection. Vandalism is a big concern these days and if you are like us, you do not view it as modern art. Particularly when it has been sprayed across your premises. But, rather than facing the cost of getting it removed, make sure it is never a problem in the first place with graffiti window film. This means that if they do vandalise your windows it is the film that is damaged. You can remove the film and replace it, thus protecting your property from any damage itself.

If you bought a property without CCTV installed, you could install it yourself. You can find systems available to buy online for cheap prices that may not be as functional as expensive models. But that does not matter. What matters is the way it will look, and it will look as though your property is protected by state of the art tech.

Other Forms Of Protection

You may also want to consider hiring some labour to protect your property. We realise this is expensive. However, having just two security guards at the front gates will add to the appearance that will deter criminals

Be aware that criminals these days do not need to break in. They only need access to a poorly protected computer network. After that, they can gain all the information they need to make money from your loss, within minutes. That is why it is well worth considering hiring an IT support team who can set you up with the latest advances in internet safety.

We guarantee taking these measures into consideration will save you from paying for damage in the future.


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