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How to Improve the Working Life of Your Employees

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You want to make your business as productive as possible, and the best way to do this is to adapt the working environment. You want your staff to feel comfortable and at ease when they come into work. You want to make coming to work an enjoyable experience. The best way you can do this is to try to make the office more comfortable.

The staff will spend the majority of their working day in the office. So it’s vital that you make the conditions as pleasant as possible. Here are some of the best ways you can do this and help your business grow as a result.


Often in the office comfort starts with the furniture. Make sure you get chairs that are comfortable. Try to go for those ergonomic ones if you can. You and your staff are going to be sat down for most of the day, so you need to make sure the chairs are comfortable. You can also introduce comfortable furniture into other areas to create an office your staff will love. Put a comfy sofa and armchair in the communal areas. This will allow people the opportunity to unwind and relax when on their breaks. Comfortable staff are productive staff. By supplying comfy furniture, you show your staff you care about them and their well-being. Comfort reduces stress and the chance of injury and allows people to do their work in harmony.

Air Conditioning

When looking to make the office comfortable you need to account for environmental conditions. The weather and the time of year will have a big impact on how comfortable your office is. A good way to control this is to get heating and air conditioning units installed. This way you have all season climate control throughout the year, and you can manipulate the conditions in the office. You can adjust the temperatures inside the office to combat the weather conditions outside. This will ensure that the office never gets too hot or too cold. Instead, it should always remain at the perfect, consistent temperature for working.


If comfort is paramount in the office, you need to look at the desks first. These are the main area that you need to address within the office. People will be sat at their desks all day every day, or not far from it. You need to be sure that the desk is the most practical it can be and that it allows the perfect platform for them to work. It’s important that the size, height and position of the desks are accounted for. If the desk is too low, then people will be hunched over, and this can cause problems with the back, neck and shoulders. If the desk is too high, then again there are similar problems. It needs to be the perfect height, so the computer monitor sits at eye level to the staff.

Allow Casual Wear

It’s not always comfortable to be sat at a desk in the office for eight hours a day wearing smart clothes. Suits and such like look great, but they aren’t always the most comfortable. This is even more of an issue when the weather is hot and humid. Try to introduce casual days where staff member can wear whatever they want. This will improve their comfort and may have a more positive impact on their work rate.

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