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Your business is not built on transactions. †It is built on relationships and the key to every relationship is communication. Keeping your customers satisfied should lie at the heart of everything you do. †Itís too easy to think of a sale as a hit, or another notch on your scale to success. †

Sales may be your objectives but your strategy from day one, should reflect your desire to keep your customer happy. That is done by talking and above all by listening. It should be a salutary reminder to all budding entrepreneurs that communication works both ways. †A negative experience from your customer can easily reach other consumers. ††Make communication work for you and put it at the centre of every transaction.


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Itís all about the love!

You are in a relationship. It might start with you drawing a prospective customer in, †and even making a sale. †But do you simply walk away giving yourself a high five? †Not if you are canny. A good strategy is to follow up, if not with flowers, then the equivalent of a thankyou card. Show your customer you value them. †Social media makes this so easy. How simple is it to add a small flourish? †Put yourself in their shoes. How good does it feel to be appreciated and listened to?



Theyíre people after all

Address your customers by their name. Thank them. Ask them for feedback. †Let then know who they are dealing with. Youíre a person too! †An SMS Gateway is so easy to organise, simple to send and can be made a real gesture of appreciation. You may be using a machine, but you are dealing with a real person. †Let it show. Genuine shines through every time.

Not everybody is happy all the time.

Your job is to listen. ††Respect the mood of your customer. No one knows the back story. †We have no idea of what this customer has been through, so donít judge, just listen. Try to resolve the issue as personally and as personably as you can. You are in customer relations after all. You are being taught an invaluable lesson.

The feedback you are getting now is some of the best business advice you will ever receive. Hear what your customer wants to tell you. Move quickly to resolve the issue. Respond positively. Keep communication open at all times. Most customers will pay a higher premium if the service is better. Those who feel they have been ignored or brushed off move to the competition.
Keeping the doors open will bring you dividends. Allow yourself to be a prime example of sound communication. There are a myriad of ways of keeping things going and flowing. Use sensitive surveys and engage actively with focus groups. Social media updates, weekly emails, text messages all add up to create and energise great relationships. Send out invitations, promotions and special offers to valued clientele. The list goes on and so should the chat. Talk up the business, listen to the feedback and keep that customer satisfied!


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