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How To Replace Broken Guttering On Your House

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We’ve all been there. During a period of heavy rain, we notice a continual drip coming from one or more parts of our home’s guttering. The thing about gutters is they don’t last forever. Sure, you might remember the time they were new. But, the effects of weathering can so damage even the hardiest of products.

If you’re fed up of those continual drips from your gutters when it rains, it’s time to do something about them. Here is a cheat sheet for people that want to replace their home’s guttering themselves:

What you’ll need

The first thing is to amass the items needed to fit your new guttering. First of all, you will need replacement guttering. Next, you’ll need some basic tools. Examples include a hammer, nails, saw, ladder, gloves and safety goggles.

Removing the old guttering

First of all, you’ll need to support the guttering around the sections you wish to remove. To do so, you need to hammer a nail at each end to support the guttering that isn’t getting removed.

Next, you’ll need to cut the broken section out with your saw. Be sure to do this slowly, especially on a windy day! Once you’re done, you can discard the old guttering.

Fitting the new guttering

Measure the old guttering you’ve removed. Next, cut a section of new guttering out. Ensure you made it wider than the broken one to allow for expansion.

You can then fit the new guttering. Be sure to use union pieces to “join” them to your existing gutters.

A note about working at height safety

If you’ve got a lot of guttering to replace, don’t use a ladder. Instead, get a mobile elevated work platform. They are safer and offer greater flexibility. Here is some more information on the different types available:

Infographic Credit To APL Aerial Platforms Ltd

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