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If your business, big or small, is struggling to keep costs to a minimum, you need to act as soon as possible. Finding ways to slash costs and remain more financially efficient is key to your future, and to your success. So, consider this post your how-to guide on cloud technology, and the financial benefits it can bring your company!

Lower staffing costs


You wonít have to pay someone to sort through all your accounts or documents. The costs of cloud technology are usually less than paying a full salary plus benefits to a team of IT experts. Youíll need less staff in general because you wonít constantly need data backing up, or on-site servers maintaining.


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If you outsource your cloud services, your server will be upgraded and maintained by a third-party. Your data will be backed up automatically, meaning you wonít have to scan documents into your system of physically shift data from a hard drive. Itís easier all around! Youíll get the most out of your staff, because there will be less for them to do.

Reduce the damage sustained by data loss

Physical documents, letters, spreadsheets, invoices, receipts, they can always be destroyed. Accidentally or on purpose. You might shred something you donít think you need down the line. Then, suddenly, out of nowhere, bamÖ you need it! Sadly, that document isnít coming back.

However, you, you smart cookie, you invested in cloud technology. There are many ways to secure your documents, from companies like to Google Drive. Data loss isnít something you should have to deal with, as it could be damning to your company. In fact, many businesses who suffer data loss shut down within a year, so donít get caught out.

Sometimes, time is money!


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If your employees have to wait until theyíre physically in the office to update a document or access a database, time is lost. They canít complete jobs quickly at home, and they canít work as often as youíd like. What if itís a weekend and nobody is in the office? You arenít compatible with the cloud, so that little job will have to wait. You could miss a deadline, or flunk a business deal.

Investing in the cloud means that you and your employees can work from anywhere in the world whenever they see fit. Tuesday evening, Saturday afternoon, no problem. The only problem you need to solve is finding an internet connection.

Flexible pricing


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More often than not, cloud computing is available in a pay as you go pricing model. What does that mean? It means you can cancel at any time! You can scale up as you see fit, and down as you see fit. There are many sources that allow you to compare pricing, such as, so you can decide whatís right for you.

You wonít pay for software that you arenít using, either. If you need more hardware or RAM, you can buy some. You will dictate where your money goes, rather than investing a lump sum which could prove poor value.

When allís said and done, businesses rely on proper budgeting. Without it, you can overspend, and even underspend, and both are equally as bad. You have to spend money to make money, but that doesnít mean you can be carefree.

You have to be frugal, and decisive. Cloud technology can save you money in all these easy ways and more, and it would be a good idea to implement these practices.


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