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There are many different reasons you might need to purchase business vehicles this year. Perhaps your company has just launched a new speedy delivery service for customers? Maybe you’ve started to buy from auctions, and you need something to bring all those purchases back to the shop? Either way, staying within the law is the best way to keep the authorities off your back. Use the tips on this page to ensure you don’t find yourself on the wrong side of the law.

Fit speed restrictors to your vehicles

Speed restrictors are a fantastic idea if you’re going to employ other people to drive your cars and vans. While you might stay within the legal limits, they might not. So, restrictors will make it impossible for them to exceed the speed limit and get into trouble.

Buy motor trade insurance

You’ll notice that we’ve published an infographic with this post that gives insight into motor trade insurance. Make sure you take a look at it and educate yourself! Bosses who fail to purchase suitable cover are breaking the law, and so it’s imperative that you contact a specialist today.

Install hands-free radios

Most company bosses will want to keep in touch with their drivers while they’re out on the road. However, you can’t use a mobile phone because that will get them arrested. It’s much more sensible to install hands-free radios in all your vehicles. They aren’t expensive, and they should stop your driver getting pulled by the police.

Staying within the law with your business vehicles is essential if you don’t want to end up in trouble. Just remember the tips from this page and you should be okay, but always keep your eyes open for new ideas.

Infographic To Give Information On cover when buying and selling cars part time

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