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How to Improve Your Social Media Strategy

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In today’s digital economy, you need to strive to be the best. The online marketplace provides an excellent platform for you to showcase your amazing company and the brilliant services in which it can provide.

Utilising social media has become important for companies. This is irrespective of their size and annual turnover.

Do not let corporations lead the way with effective social media campaigns. Smaller businesses can reap the rewards from having an effect social media strategy in place. Should you have a somewhat limited knowledge of social media marketing, it can be difficult to know where to start. Do not despair, this guide will serve as a useful tool for helping you improve your social media strategies.


Twitter is the perfect tool for reaching out to new, and existing, customers. Improve your Twitter following (thus enabling you greater reach) by including a period at the beginning of a tweet. So, .@username will allow you to reach more followers. People outside of your network will be able to see your tweet thus expanding your reach.


Delivering awesome content is critical to your business’s success. What is more, you will need to make sure that it is going to be seen by the right people at the right time. Delivering content enables you to reach your customers in a much more inclusive way. Engaging with your customers give your business a human element. That way, you can find out a lot more about your demographic and what they want from your company. You can then tailor your business to make sure that you are delivering to your customers what they desire.

Likewise, if your customers share your content on their own personal Facebook pages, thank them. They will appreciate it. If other companies share your content, do them the same honour. Do not view other companies as competition. While some may be direct competitors other companies may be complementary to yours. Sharing other business pages, that compliments your own business, will strengthen your online community. Furthermore, it will show people that you are not just in this for yourself.

Social Media Gurus

For a more in-depth SEO, and social media, campaign utilising a specialist SEO company is important. Social media gurus will be able to help you expand your business in a much more significant way. They will be able to deploy amazing campaigns on your behalf that will allow you to reach more people. Watching your business grow will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. An SEO Company in Perth may be able to help you.

Ditch the Hard Sell

Using hard selling techniques on Facebook or Twitter will only serve to antagonise your customers. Keeping your customers abreast of offers, deals and promotions are essential. You do not want oversell your product. The key is to be engaged with your social media communities and to have a personal dialogue with your customers. Hard selling can look needy and desperate. Customer engagement is critical so that you can learn more about what your customers want, or need, from you.



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