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How To Increase Your Business Conversions Made Easy

Whether you want more people to sign up to your newsletter, or you want more sales, increasing your conversions doesn’t have to be too difficult. Here’s some advice that should make it quite easy for you:

Try Split Testing or A/B Testing

Split testing is where you basically send one version of your site to one set of people, and another version to another set of people. You only change one thing at a time, so you can measure which change makes the biggest difference in conversions. It could be something like the size of an image, font type, color, or the lay out. Split testing will help you to hone your site and create one that converts way more. It’s so much better than guessing what your customers will prefer. You can actually see what is getting the best response.

Make Your Call To Action Stand Out

Make sure your call to action is as clear as possible. It should stand out, and ideally be above the fold – the first bit of the website you see when you open a site. If it’s below the fold, you will usually find you don’t get as many conversions just because people don’t see it right away.

Keep Your Design Simple

Flashy designs can sometimes put people off working with you. Not to mention slow a page down! By keeping your design simple, you could draw more people in and make them want to work with you. To further increase your conversions, some of the information below could help you:

Infographic Produced By E-commerce Artificial Intelligence

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