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How To Decide Whether A Vauxhall Could be the Right Car Brand to Invest in

Written by Ryan K

Continually recognized as one of the UK’s most beloved car brands, Vauxhall have once again come in as one of Britain’s most popular car companies, having sold over 3.5 million vehicles during the last 6 years.

But just why are they so popular? How has this brand endured? And what are the reasons why us Brits keep choosing Vauxhall? If you are considering buying a new car, then here is why a Vauxhall could be the right car brand for you to invest in.

Affordable Price Tag

When looking to buy a car, whether used or new, for most of us, affordability is a key factor. While there is often a wide range of finance options and low deposit schemes available which can help to spread the cost, a car can still be an expensive purchase.

Price is just one of the areas where Vauxhall has the edge over its market competitors. You can buy a brand-new Vauxhall (model and specification dependent), from £10,000, making it one of the most affordable brands on the road. Depending on the age of the vehicle, you can find used Vauxhall cars from Unbeatable Car for relatively low prices, making them a great second-hand option, too.

Reliable and Trustworthy

Based in Luton, Vauxhall was founded in 1857 as an engineering firm and manufactured its first cars in 1903. Although it is now owned by German brand Opel, Vauxhall still produces its cars in UK factories and currently has more than 4,000 employees.

As a long-standing car brand, Vauxhall has gained a trustworthy reputation and is known for producing cars that are of high quality, well-built, reliable and fitted with the latest tech. This certainly goes a way to explaining why there are so many Vauxhall cars on the road.

Huge Variety of Vehicles

Whether you are looking for a small, economical and reliable city car, a larger family model, or something with a little more power, Vauxhall has a huge selection. From the Viva and the Corsa, to the Zafira and the Mokka X, as well as the ever-popular Astra, there are a huge variety of Vauxhall models to suit every need.

One of the company’s best-selling models is the Corsa. Starting at around £10,000 (much cheaper than its rival, the Ford Fiesta, which costs £3000 more), it offers a lot for its low-price tag. In addition to being economical and practical, for its size, the Corsa is surprisingly spacious and while compact, can comfortably fit up to 5 adults. With the choice from a 1.0 to a 1.4 litre turbo injection engine, the Corsa is also surprisingly quick, making it a great choice for both city driving and commuting. It also comes with some great upgrades as standard, such as Bluetooth and automatic wipers, meaning you get more for your money.

To summarize, Vauxhall continues to be one of the UK’s most popular car brands and it is easy to understand why. Due to its trustworthy reputation, affordability and variety of models, a Vauxhall car could be a good investment for someone considering buying a new car, as they offer reliability and style for an affordable price.

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