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How to Mount a Flat Screen TV on the Wall

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Nothing creates the illusion of space more than TV wall mounting. Not only does this job free up floor space, it also allows for wires to be concealed in the wall cavity, making your living room look a lot more tidy and giving it that minimalist aesthetic. Some people even choose to hang their bedroom television on the wall, although you’d better be confident about your DIY skills if you leave one of these beauties hanging above your head at night.

The most important thing to consider when buying a wall mount is that the bracket is strong enough to hold your TV. The last thing anyone wants is for their set to come loose and smash on the laminate during the night. So use your head a little, make sure you’ve already found out the exact weight of your set before taking a trip to the hardware store and picking up a mount.

Starting The Job

The first thing you’ll want to do is attach the mounting arms to your set. This usually just involves screwing the bracket to pre-existing holes on the back of your TV. Be certain that you’ve screwed it on as tightly as possible, as these mounts can sometimes come loose with excess usage.

Once this is completed, it is time to attach the wall plate to your chosen interior surface. Ideally you want to use a concrete wall, but if this isn’t possible, and you’re having to attach the bracket to a hollow wall, it might be worth investing in an electronic stud finder to help you locate the prime hanging locations.

Doing The Job

It’s now time to start the most difficult part – making sure your TV hangs straight. You’ll want to begin by attaching the wall mount. This should be done by first screwing the top two bolts to the wall, making sure you don’t over screw, as this could cause problems later on. You might want to use a spirit level to ensure the mount is hanging correctly, but when you’re satisfied that it is, screw in the bottom bolts, again, being careful not to overtighten them.

Next, stand back. Does the bracket look straight?

Finishing The Job

Now you’re certain that the mount is in the best position possible, simply tighten the screws and hang the TV. It’s probably a sensible idea to get someone else to help you hang the set, you wouldn’t want to damage your TV at this stage would you, not now you’re so close to completion.  Although it can sometimes be a worrying moment, if you’ve followed this guide, and the instructions that came with your mount correctly, you shouldn’t have any problems.

Some wall mounts are remote controlled and may involve some extra installation, but if you’re using a standard bracket, all that is left to do is attach the wires, plug the TV in and enjoy your new setup.

So there you go my friends, a simple guide to help with TV hanging. With this information in hand, you really can’t go wrong.

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