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How To Build Forms – An Expert Review of AidaForm

A business website is incomplete without forms. You will need forms to gather customer feedback, for member sign-up, to post job applications and so on. Are you too looking to add forms to your business but worried about your weak coding know-how? Well, no need to worry anymore as AidaForm online form creator has come up as your lifesaver here. It’s a cutting-edge form builder program which is specifically designed for DIY form building coding needs. You will be glad to know the program is not only easy to use but also allows form building free of cost.

The post here offers a short review on AidaForm online form builder.

In-built templates for easy DIY form creation

AidaForm is engineered with a large variety of in-built templates that will enable you to create online forms for your website easily. You won’t need to waste time on coding and related technical stuff. The form builder even allows to customize the forms as per your preferred color and required form fields. You will even be able to add a field that allows file upload.

All types of online forms

The form builder will enable you to create all kinds of online forms. Whether you want sign-up forms or feedback forms or job applications forms- you will be able to create everything here.

Adds form instantly

AidaForm automatically creates the HTML code needed to add form to your website. Hence it can add the form instantly to your website after creation. It can even share it on social media without any additional server integration.

Immediate notifications

The form builder will even notify you whenever a user will complete and submit a form on your website.

Tips on using the form builder

For professional form creation

You can use the AidaForm for creating high end professional forms. You can choose the preferred color for these forms as per your brand image and put anything that you need on the form. So, if you need to put multiple choice questions for a survey form or payment box for checkout box- you can do everything with this advanced online form builder.

For faster & easier email marketing

Then, the form builder can be easily used for easier & quicker email marketing. How? Well, it can integrate with leading email marketing tool MailChimp. The integration enables you to collect the large list of email ids of your potential leads who have filled the forms. This way, you won’t need to waste time and energy in the quest of email ids of your leads one by one. Now, that you will have all the required email addresses in one convenient place, you will be able to start your email marketing campaign much faster.

For easy analysis of leads’ data

You can integrate the form builder with MS Excel or Google Sheets to summarize the form responses as data sheets. You will be able to filter responses by email, name, place and other parameters. These sheets will make it easier to analyze data submitted by your leads which will further assist in creating a targeted marketing campaign accordingly.

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