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How To Choose An Ethical Wildlife Control Company

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If you have a house then chances are that you’ll have to hire a wildlife control company to remove raccoons, reptiles, rodents and maybe even bears from your premises. If you live in a densely populated area, you’d make use of the services of such companies less, but if you’re in the more rural parts of the US, then you will definitely need these services more.

Sometimes you may deal with these pests yourself. The entire information about the right way to go about it is given online. But most of the time this is a bad idea. You may end up hurting the animal or worse, yourself and the people around you. Every pest has to be handled differently and unless you’ve been in the business before, you might make mistakes. Find a professional who is ethical and humane in their handling of animals.

  1. Get a written estimate

Ask the company to give you a written estimate of the entire process. Unless they come and check the problem themselves they won’t know the extent of the estimate but they should be able to give you a rough estimate at least. The fee toward the first inspection will be included in the total bill for their services. When the company has made its first assessment, you should ask them about the animals, and their modes of entry and whether they have young ones in there. You must also ask them how they determined the answers. Wildlife, Inc. even provides pictures that explain how the animal has settled in and the measures that you must take to prevent this.

  1. Ask how the animal will be handled

After they give you the estimate, ask them how to deal with the problem. If you’re looking for an ethical way of evicting the intruder or intruders then there are a set of questions that you must ask. Is the animal going to be killed, and what about its babies if any? Is there a need to kill the animal? Wouldn’t releasing it back into the wild be more feasible? How can you intruder-proof your house?

  1. Intruder proof your house

Remove the intruder and seal off all possible entries. Ensure that the company gives you a full animal proofing service that has a guarantee for at least one year. The service is complete only when all the points of entry have been sealed off. While mammals can still be effectively evicted with not much problem, reptiles like snakes are more tricky. You’ll need to hire a professional houston snake removal service.

  1. Lookout for unethical dealings

Ensure that you discuss all the terms of the contract with the company. There should be no open-ended clauses and the agreement must be completely transparent. This will not solve the problem and you may have the same problem repeatedly.

Ask your trusted sources about good companies who work ethically and take care of the animals they evict. You can even ask them how they confirmed the company’s ethical practices.

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