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How To Travel By Car With Your Dog

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Dogs are considered to be many an owner’s best friend. When you’ve had a tough day at work, it’s always nice to come home to a faithful friend that is pleased to see you no matter what, and loves to spend time with you especially when you go out and about.

For car owners, taking their dogs out for a ride in the car can either be an awesome experience or it can be an absolute nightmare! If you are a car and dog owner, and you struggle to get your dog in the car or they are seemingly terrified or anxious about the whole experience, it can make you (and your dog) feel pretty depressed and upset.

I remember one of my dogs (a greyhound) wasn’t particularly keen on getting in the car when I first got her and would often feel quite anxious, but with some dedication and training she is now only too happy to get into the car; sometimes she is so keen that she ends up trying to get into other people’s cars when I take her out for a walk!

But anyway, if you want to know how to get your dog to be happy about travelling in a car, here are some useful hints and tips that all dog owners can take on board!

Don’t feed your dog beforehand

The problem with giving your dog a large meal before you both get in the car is that they will almost certain ‘empty’ themselves in your car! Some dogs suffer from motion sickness just like some humans do, so in order to minimise the risk of having a soiled and smelly car, don’t give them a big meal before you both hit the road.

If you are going on a long journey, you should stop every so often so that you and your dog can get a bit of fresh air (and go to the toilet), and you can also use the opportunity to give them some water and maybe a dry biscuit to snack on before you continue with your journey.

Buy a dog-friendly car

If you have a small hatchback with a tiny boot and you own a big dog, it might be worth your while selling up and buying a bigger, dog-friendly car from somewhere like GK Group Manchester.

It will make life for both you and your dog so much easier, and it will also mean that you can carry passengers in the back seat of your car at the same time!

Train them to want to go in the car – don’t force them

Some dog owners try to force their pets to get in the back of the car, but some dogs can be understandably reluctant to do so. Where it is safe to do so, keep the boot open and let them go in and out when they feel comfortable to do so.

Giving them a small treat or a pat each time they ‘jump up’ will encourage them to get in the car under their own steam.

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