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How to Plan Your Dog’s Meal on a Budget

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Giving our pets the best food is the dream of every pet owner but sometimes financial restrictions hamper these dreams and make you resort to cheaper alternatives. However, financial restrictions don’t necessarily mean poor nutrition for your dogs. Whilst you can click here to see just what a good meal for a dog should be, here we give some more options for your pet to enjoy – you can feed your dog a homemade balanced diet without having to break the bank.

Raw Bones

Raw bones are good to treat, especially if you have a pet that loves to chew away. Just make sure the bone is from human grade meat and your dog will be fine. Also, do not feed your dog cooked bones or bones from the barbecue. The spices used for such kind of meal may harm your dog. Throw in raw bones once or twice in a week and make your dog happy.


Dogs need the nutrients and minerals they can get from vegetables. But do not feed them so much of it. Your dogs would love some cooked broccoli, pumpkins, and carrots. So if you have these in your fridge, you could cut them up, boil and feed your dog. Make sure you don’t spice them and serve in small quantities. For a list of vegetables that dogs love, click here.


You can feed your dog with plain pasta or rice. This is one way to throw in cabs into their diet. Pasta is less expensive and nutritious too for your dogs. Just make sure you serve it plain without any sauces as onions and garlic can do your pet so much harm.

Cooked Meat

This is another great way to spoil your dog, occasionally throw in small amounts of boiled lamb or chicken into them plates and watch your puppy wiggle with joy. Make sure the meat is well de-boned and have no unhealthy sauce; your puppy will happily munch away.

Can Of Fish

A can of tuna in fresh water makes a great meal if you are looking to spice things up for your dog. Avoid cans of fish in oil as they can be too heavy for your pet. Do not make this a regular treat, your dog will love it, but may go wild on too much fish.

Homemade Dog Food

This is another healthy option that will save you money and keep your pet from consuming too much preservative. You should discuss with your vet to make sure your choices of homemade pet food and its recipes meet the nutritional requirement for your dog. Make sure you rotate the recipes and check your vet when your dog reacts to the meals. Also, do not keep your homemade food in the fridge for more than 72 hours. Follow this guide for some ideas on how to make delicious homemade dog food.


Hamburgers are a delicious and healthy choice you can easily make from leftover foodstuff. You can get cooked carrots, potatoes, raw liver, ground beef and serve with rice or dry white bread.

Ground Turkey

Ground turkey is a readily available option that comes in cheap and handy. When served with cooked carrots and rice, it makes a balanced diet for your dog.

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