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How to Get in Your House When You’ve Locked Yourself Out

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If you’ve locked yourself out, you’re probably frantically searching Google for a solution to your problem. While it was very silly of you to lose your key/leave your key inside, there are ways you can get in your house. Don’t fret! Here are some ideas:

Call the Person With a Spare Key

Please tell me you gave a spare key to somebody? You didn’t? Ok, now I’m convinced that you’re stupid. Just kidding! But seriously; why? Leaving a spare key under the welcome matt is practically begging for intruders, so it’s always best if you give somebody a spare key. This should be somebody you know you can trust; no friends that always ask to loan money, or anybody you wouldn’t ask to give you a job reference. You may just want to give one to your neighbours (it’s a good idea to get to know them!).

Call Your Landlord

Let’s say you don’t have anybody with a spare key. You may need to call your landlord. If it’s a reasonable hour and they could be in the area, give them a call and explain your situation. They may be able to pop round and let you in. However, if it’s silly o’clock in the morning, I don’t recommend irritating them by bombarding them with calls and messages. Your stupidness is not their problem.

Break In

I don’t recommend you break into anybody else’s house, of course. Don’t get excited either; I’m not going to give you any foolproof tips on breaking in! You can either climb in through an open window, try to fiddle with the lock using a credit card or coat hanger, or break a window. Bear in mind that you’ll end up having to pay for damages, so try the cheapest option first.

Take the Door Apart

If you can’t break in in the ways listed above, then try bashing your door handle off with a hammer. Ask a friendly neighbour to lend you a hammer if you haven’t got one on your person. Once the handle is off, you’ll be able to get rid of the rest of the lock and let yourself in. You could also take the door off the hinges, but of course any of these options should be used with caution and only in a real emergency. If there’s a baby inside, do it! If you’re drunk after a night out and need somewhere to sleep, crash at a friends or book a hotel room rather than smash your house up.

Call A Locksmith

Lastly, you have the option to call a locksmith in Sheffield. There are locksmiths who work around the clock, but you’ll likely need to pay more for an out of hours service. This will be costly, but it might be better than smashing windows or bashing doors in. Make sure the locksmith you call is legitimate. They should ask for proof of ID too, to make sure you own the house.

Now, go get in your house!


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