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How to Beat Your Friends at Poker

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Are you tired of losing every time you play poker? Don’t worry, here’s how to beat your friends next time you get together to play poker.

Stay Sober

When we play poker, we’re usually with friends having a good time. But if you’re gambling serious money with them, don’t be tempted to get drunk. A drunk poker player is never a winning poker player. So, if you want to be in with a chance of beating your friends, you need to know that staying sober is key. When you’re drunk, the decisions you make the money you put down will not be right. If you wouldn’t do it when sober, you shouldn’t do it drunk.

Learn the Etiquette

There are lots of things that you need to know and understand before you play poker with big money. If you want to get it right, you should learn all the poker table etiquette beforehand. This will allow you to play with confidence and avoid any of the silly mistakes that many people make at the poker table. That confidence should also show the other people around the table that you mean business.


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Bluff Carefully

Everyone knows that bluffing is something that happens in poker. But fewer people understand how it works and when the right time to do it is. Don’t be tempted to pull a bluff just to show off. Bluffing should be done when it’s absolutely necessary. It’s not something that should ever be done to prove a point regarding your poker skills. Remember, pride comes before a fall. Showing off rarely pays off in poker.

Don’t Play When You’re in the Wrong Mindset

Playing a high-risk game like poker when you’re angry or upset is never a good idea. The stakes are too high to play when your emotions are high. This is when gambling becomes a problem for people. They start to see poker as a way of improving how they feel. But you’ll end up feeling worse not better if you throw away all your money on a game. You should always make sure you’re in the right mindset before joining a game.

Pay Attention to the Cards on the Table

Many players are so focused on what they’ve got in their hand, that they forget about the cards on the table. Of course, focusing on what cards you have is important. But once you’ve done that, it’s just as important to think about the cards on the poker table. When you know that, you can start to think about the potential outcomes of the game. This is a technique that you should try to develop over time.

Keep an Eye on the Other Players

Keeping an eye on the other players at the table is crucial. If you watch people carefully, it’s possible to watch what they do and learn their behaviour. This can then give you an edge over them. You should keep watching them even when you’re not in a hand. If you notice that one person always does a certain thing when they’re bluffing, you can use that against them. You might also be able to spot repetitions in their strategy.


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