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How To Become A Psychic

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Do you possess a sense that you believe most other people do not have? Are you able to predict future events? If so, then you most likely have psychic abilities. If you would like to tap into that hidden talent and fine-tune it so that you can use your abilities on other people, then continue reading our guide on how to become a psychic!

Set the scene

Prepare the area for an intimate and comfortable experience. Decorate the room with props such as charts, and bookcases filled with important-looking reference books.

Furnish your room with cosy, comfortable chairs with a small table between them, and kit it out with a lace tablecloth and some plain candles. A soft rug, mood lighting and incense sticks will help set the scene for a spiritual feel.

Put your client in a cooperative mood

Speak with your client in a soft, calm voice, be sympathetic and make sure your body language is non-confrontational – offer a welcoming smile, maintain constant eye contact, and keep your head tilted slightly to one side whilst listening to them. Keep your legs together but uncrossed, and keep your arms unfolded.

Explain to your client that as a psychic, your clients come to see you about things that might be weighing heavy on their hearts, and that it is your job to use your psychic abilities to help them.

You should also explain to your client that as a psychic, you can’t predict the future perfectly – after all, everyone makes mistakes in their jobs sometimes.

Speak about things people want to talk about the most

These things are usually money, love, health, happiness, careers, and travel. By keeping to these topics, you can ask lots of questions and make plenty of statements to your client from them.

Make statements, but don’t ask questions

You should commence your psychic reading with your client using some general statements that can be used for everyone. For example, you could start off by saying something like “You are a very honest person, sometimes you are a little too honest for your own good, but generally you are someone that can be trusted”.

Once you have come out with a few general statements, start to focus on some more specific ones. You can tell alot about a person without actually questioning them. From the way they dress to the way they talk, by making specific statements about things you have determined about them, you get them to tell you stuff without them even realising it.

One thing that really helps psychics is the ability to be observant. Before you start offering readings to people, you should consider learning more about the different cultures in the world, how people look and talk like from all four corners of the world, etc.

For example, if a person has a Mediterranean appearance and they have a certain accent or mannerisms, you could easily determine that they come from a Greek or Italian background or heritage, and ask questions relating to that.

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