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How to Become a SAP Engineer

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SAP or Systems Applications and Products, is a business-based software that runs on a platform called NetWeaver. Many companies all over the world use this system! As you can gather training to become a SAP engineer is not easy, but worthwhile. SAP certified software engineers often choose to act as independent contractors or consultants, which can be at times risky. It does entail solving specific problems and moving from job to job, rather than the stability of a full-time position with a single company.

Qualifications you will need;

  • Bachelor’s degree

  • SAP certification

  • Resumé

  • Master’s degree or 10 years of experience


As SAP software becomes more commonplace in the business world, many computer programmers, software engineers and other information technology professionals are becoming interested in making SAP part of their skills. SAP certifications are ideal for inexperienced software developers looking to build on their CV’s and experienced professionals looking to update their skills. It’s something that’s very useful in modern day technologies. By exploring the areas of this program you like best, you can better focus your job search after college.


You can look and apply for jobs through the internet. Searching for things like Montreal Associates SAP Jobs should bring up a list of jobs that will apply to you after you have completed the relevant training. It is worth bearing in mind that larger organizations can offer you the most opportunities for growth and job diversity.

Advantages of this job

SAP developers enjoy a salary well above the normal average wage, however that is dependant on the job role of course as it’s a huge part of determining the salary! Super users and trainer roles are at the lower end of the salary spectrum. At the high end, you find project managers, IT directors, and application directors. The industry itself makes a difference to businesses and this is something worth thinking about while looking for employment. SAP professionals in aerospace, defense, health care, professional services, and finance have the highest salaries.


The field can be a hard one to break into with it being such a specialist job. Don’t expect your certification to substitute for years spent on the job as only a small percentage of positions require the certification.

SAP is the  number 1 creator of business software solutions. It’s the fourth largest software company globally, just a couple notches behind Microsoft. This means that there’s a huge market for developers who are knowledgeable of SAP solutions. So to become an SAP engineer you need the training but as touched upon, its very valuable if you have some sort of experience working in and around this line of work. As with most jobs these days, experience is never taken for granted. It may be worth going onto site for experience as in the long term, it may benefit you in your job hunt.

If you decide to continue your education for further advancement in this field, a postgraduate degree can serve you well as a masters degree is vital if you don’t have 10 years worth of experience.

Good luck in your future career!

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