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How To Become Better At Public Speaking With Tips

Public speaking can be very nerve wrecking. You definitely don’t want to become so nervous that you mess up your presentation! It’s natural to be nervous, and you’re not alone, in fact sometimes a bit of nervousness can create adrenaline and really help you to make a fantastic presentation! However, if you feel you get slightly too nervous, here are some tips you can practice to make sure your presentations wow a crowd:

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Pick A Topic You Like

If you pick a topic or subject you’re interested in, you’re way more likely to impress in your presentation. It helps to know more than you actually put in the presentation too, so you’ll never be stuck for anything to say. You’ll also be able to add in some funny bits, your own personal experiences and keep a conversational tone – which is important in keeping people interested in what you have to say. Present like this and you’ll never forget a point again.

Practice Whenever You Can

Practice is the key to being good at pretty much everything and public speaking is no different. You should have some proper run throughs with all of the tools and equipment you plan on using on the day, and ask some trusted friends and family members for feedback if you like. YOu may benefit from some communication skills training. Revise as much as you think you need to – don’t cram it all in last minute. Remember to breathe properly throughout your presentation and pause when you need to. Do your presentation at a steady pace, instead of as fast as possible, as fast will sound as if you just want it over and done with and people will more than likely stop listening or miss important points.

Say Hello To The Audience

If you can, greet audience members as they enter the room. Even just saying hello to them can warm you up a bit and a friendly smile can have you feeling much more confident about the people you are presenting to. It’s a lot nicer to present to people you know rather than total strangers so warm them up a bit as they come in.

Test Out The Room

Before you begin and anyone arrives, just have a quick look and walk around the room, especially your presentation area. Practice using the microphone if you haven’t already and anything else the room has provided you with to avoid any surprises that could put you off your points.

Imagine Your Presentation

Imagining your presentation going positively can help to calm your nerves. Imagine you giving a clear, confident presentation that the audience seem to be enjoying and taking in, and then picture the audience all clapping when you’re finished. This should help get rid of your jitters and give you the confidence and enthusiasm to begin.

Don’t Apologise

Don’t apologise for being nervous – the audience probably wouldn’t have noticed if you hadn’t of pointed it out. Audiences want you to do well – honestly. They want you to give them information, be enjoyable and interesting. That’s why they’re there!

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