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How to Build Your Own Home Just the Way You Want it

We live in a country, totally obsessed with home decoration, DIY, and where property prices are at these days. However, you’ll notice that the majority of houses in this country at the moment are almost identical, repetitive, and extremely unimaginative. If you love decorating your home or coming up with imaginative ideas, plus learning about DIY and carrying out odd jobs, then you might find the best thing for you to do to live in a truly beautiful and perfect home is to build one all by yourself! Here’s how to build your own home, just the way you want it!

Be Prepared To Struggle

Sorry to break it to you, but many things can get in the way of you trying to build your dream home. To combat them, you should be prepared for a struggle! Here are some of the things you’ll find when setting out to build your dream home:

  • It’s hard to find land.

  • It’s hard to get planning permission.

  • It’s difficult to find a good architect who will be able to manage your project and deliver the work on time as promised.

Finding Land

Building on an untouched plot of land or finding land for sale is near enough impossible, so don’t take the plunge and decide to buy a field or anything major. The best thing you can do is go to a normal estate agent and find a questionable looking, badly built bungalow which no local authority would want to keep. You can then knock this monstrosity down and start all over again. You do need to be careful though; any building built before 1940 could have historic value, even if it’s gross looking.

Fight To Get Planning Permission

Regulations are very strict in this country, which can surprise a lot of people. When it comes to building something, you need a permit from the authority just to add a garage!

Big supermarket chains often bully planning departments into giving them building permission, but your regular home builder will probably feel overwhelmed while trying to have their scheme approved of. Unfortunately, this means you might have to be fairly conservative with your scheme, and use local materials in a more inventive way. You’ll still be able to produce something valuable without making it look like a house from outer space!

Choosing An Architect

Going to an architect can be an extremely confusing time, as not one of them can usually give you a price for the house you’d like them to build for you. How would you like speaking to a dress/suit maker and not knowing whether your gown/suit would cost you a few hundred or a few thousand? However, this kind of thing is normal in the architecture world.

When choosing an architect, you’ll want to choose one that appreciates budgeting, but be careful of those that see themselves as “artists”. Of course art is a part of architecture, but technical and financial skills are very important too! Mid-size middle aged firms are your best bet, so you aren’t ignored by a larger firm or a learning curve for a newer architect.

Still want that unique, imaginative, dream home? I’d get to work if I were you!

Image credit: flickr

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