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How to Choose The Right Blinds for Your Conservatory

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Conservatories are a great way to extend one’s home, and they are often a fraction of the cost of traditional bricks and mortar extensions. They are available in a wide range of sizes, colours, and designs, which is perfect for extending all sizes of homes whether they be terraced, semi-detached or detached.

They let in light and warmth into your home, and are a perfect place to sit down and relax, have a spot of lunch in, and they are often used as an office by people that work from home. However, during the warmer summer months, it can be a bit like sitting inside a sauna, even during the morning when the sun has only recently come out.

Temperatures can soar to sometimes dangerously high levels, and with high temperatures come high UV levels, which is bad news for people and even pets that go inside of them, so to combat this problem we can have blinds installed to keep out unwanted sunlight.

Blinds of course are not only used just for blocking out sunlight when it gets too hot, they are also great for maintaining our privacy within the conservatory too. But with the different types of blinds on the market, how do we know which ones are the best for us?

Roman Blinds

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Roman blinds have a top fabric and head rail section which is pulled downwards using a manual control system.

A simple yet stylish option for all conservatories, the fabric can be customised to your exact colour and design style requirements, and you can even get lined fabric if you want a complete blackout solution; this is perfect for conservatories that aren’t surrounded by any nearby trees to provide some shade from the sun.

In order to assure neat and uniform-looking fabric folds when the blinds are drawn up to let the sunlight in, stiffening rods are installed within the fabric at certain points.

Pleated Blinds

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Pleated blinds are usually made from fabric (although they are sometimes made from other materials). They offer an attractive concertina effect, and because they are supported by a network of steel wires there is hardly any sagging, especially on conservatory roofs.

They can be operated with manual pull cords or from a motorised system.

Roller Blinds

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Another popular type of conservatory blinds are roller blinds. Simple in operation, you just roll them up to the top cassette to let in the maximum amount of sunlight into your conservatory, and then when you want to limit the amount of sunlight that comes in, or you want some privacy, you roll them down to the bottom of the window or door.

As with Roman and pleated blinds, they are available in a wide array of colours and designs. Because everyone’s conservatory is obviously different in size, you will need to have them professionally measured so that they are a perfect fit. Check out Sola Shade for a range of blinds that look great and won’t break the bank!

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