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How to Clean and Maintain your Bedding

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Your hot and bothered and your bedding is irritating you. It’s most probably because it needs a good old clean. Bedding should be cleaned regularly, maybe not everyday but more often than not. Thats how your going to get a good night sleep after a hard days work.

In this handy bed cleaning guide we will give you some guidelines and advice to help keep your bedding clean which will all lead to many great night sleeps if you keep up the maintenance.


The most common kind of bedsheets are cotton ones, although there are many others available. We advise to wash your bed sheet around twice or three times a week depending how fussy you are. Cotton bedsheets can be washed in the washing machine as normal and for drying its always better (and cheaper) if you can dry your bed sheets on the washing line or on an indoor cloths stand rather than having to use your tumble dryer. I know most of the time this is not possible with UK weather but hey!

Blankets (Not Quilts)

Blankets can be made from many different materials and depending on the material will depend how you can clean your blanket. Its always best to refer to the manufacturers guidelines at this point as every fabric is different however many blankets can be machine washed even some wool ones.

We recommend that you vacuum blankets a couple of times a week to remove any dust and its always a good idea to air blankets on the washing line once a week to keep them fresh.

If you do decide to machine wash your blanket make sure you air it out afterwards and give it plenty of time to dry on the washing line (weather dependent of course).


Quilts & Duvets

Quilts or duvets however you prefer to refer to them as need to be treated with a bit more care when cleaning especially if they are the older type. Most modern quilts can be machine washed and if you do ensure you allow plenty of time to dry and air them afterwards. If you have an older type of quilt this may have to be washed by hand as they are usually a lot more fragile. For any quilts where hand washing is required its always best to wash them in the bath to allow more room. Refer to manufacturers guidelines for more information on hand washing old quilts.


Unfortunately you can’t machine wash mattresses, they are far too large so care by hand is the only way. Most modern mattresses are made from foam and springs, some old ones are made of hair and futon. It is recommend when using the mattress that you turn over every so often and switch the mattress round from top to bottom to allow even wear. Its unlikely due to the mattress being protected by your bedsheets that you will rarely need to clean your mattress with water. If you do get a stain on it from a drink or something similar then it is advisable to remove the stain straight away with a damp cloth and suitable cleaning products. Be careful not to get the mattress to wet if this does happen.


Pillow cases can be washed at the same time as you do your bed sheets. Most will be made from cotton unless you have more designer style ones to suit the decor of your room. Cotton ones can be machine washed and either tumble dryed or aired afterwards on the close lines. If you have designer ones or silk ones you will need to refer to the manufacturers instructions as there will be other options for you.

With the pillows themselves you should refresh them a few times a month by airing them outside on a washing line. Fluff pillows regularly to get rise of any dust on them and if you do decide to machine wash your pillows refer to the manufacturers guidelines as some feather ones may require hand washing only.

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