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How to Clean Your Home in Under 20 Minutes or Less

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Many people won’t believe me when I say this, but it’s true: You can clean your home in 20 minutes or less. Cleaning the home is necessary for our well being and health, but sometimes we just can’t be bothered to give it a good going over for a few hours. What if your parents called you and said they were dropping by? What if you’ve got another appointment and your kids have suddenly made a right old mess? What if your favourite programs about to start but the sound of the hoover will drown it out? Worry no more! Here’s how you can clean your home in 20 minutes or less!

Purchase A Supply Apron

A supply apron is the same type of apron that cleaners use to make their jobs easier. It’s an apron with deep pockets that you can fit all of your essentials into, such as cleaning spray, polish, dust rags and bleach. Wear this whenever you start cleaning so you don’t have to go back and forth!

Be More Organised

Being more organised in general will make cleaning your home much quicker and easier. Have you got a junk drawer? Most homes have, and my advice to you would be to get rid! As soon as you get letters, open them and decide what to do with them. Pay that bill ASAP, shred and bin anything of unimportance, and file anything that’s important.

Have A Wash Basket In Every Room

Every room/person should have their own wash basket. This way, when you’re making your way around the room you can pick up any odd bits and pieces of clothing a chuck them in temporarily. Once you’ve thoroughly cleaned the room you can then put the clothes away yourself or tell the offending person to put their things where they belong!

Multiple Hoovers

Multiple hoovers may be necessary if you have a house with more than two floors or an extra large house. You may need one at both ends of the home to save you lugging one up and down the stairs, not to mention save your back and arms from aching!

It also helps if you purchase hoovers that can clean both carpet and hard floor, because that eliminates the need for a dustpan and brush which can actually stir up old dust rather than sweep it!

Your 20 minute Cleaning Routine

  • Start with the bathrooms. Do the sink, bath and toilet in any order. Polish the mirrors and then hoover/mop the floor.

  • Wipe down the tabletops in the kitchen, the counters and the sink.

  • Hoover and mop the floors in every room, picking clothes up and chucking them in the washing baskets and any toys in toy boxes.

  • Polish furniture last.

You’re done! Your home will look presentable enough for the in laws to arrive at any time, you’ll be ready to leave for your appointment on time, or you’ll be able to settle down and watch your favourite program in peace. Not only does a clean house look better, it makes us feel better!

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