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How To Create A Dazzling Patio Area For The Ultimate Garden Party

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Do you need more space in your home than you have now but can’t afford to build an extension or to convert the loft? The answer could lie in your backyard. The space there is versatile to say the least. Maybe you host a lot of parties, and the guests are too numerous for your home. During the summer months, you could take the festivities outside into a stunning area if you prepare it well. The transition between home and garden could be almost unnoticeable if you get it right.

If that idea has caught your interest, read on. Here are some ideas that will help you to create a dazzling patio area for the ultimate garden party.

Building Material

I am a huge fan of decking. You can create an impressive structure at the level of your choosing for a reasonable cost. If you wanted to raise the level of a hard surface, you need to build retaining walls to contain the ground on which you can lay it. A timber structure rests on vertical supports, so you can put the surface at any height you like. Make a single expanse or change the levels across the deck. It is an easy project for a keen DIY fan to undertake.


The entrance to the garden from your home must be almost seamless. If you can install some bi-folding patio doors with retractable fly screens for the evenings, you are halfway there. The folding doors are superior to the sliding kind because they provide a larger doorway to the outside. They are expensive, but worth every penny, in my opinion. Build an attractive balustrade around the patio area. It doesn’t have to be from the usual materials. Think about steel and glass to introduce a contemporary look to the area. The idea is to make the outdoor space as beautiful as the indoors.


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Evening Lighting

Correct Lifting techniques can help to liven up your garden and get your guests in the mood for a party. Think about installing a canopy over the area. That serves two purposes; it affords you a suitable place to mount the lights, and it will help keep your guests dry in the event of a rain shower. Modern LED units are all the rage at the moment because they use little power and last for thousands of hours before you need to replace the bulbs. There are fittings that recess into the floor of the decking. They are great for defining the dance floor.

Outdoor Drinks

You can make it convenient for your guests by building an outdoor bar with beer on tap and proper refrigeration. They won’t have to trudge through the house to get a drink anymore. The structure could be portable so that you can stow it in the shed when you don’t need it, or you could create a permanent one. I prefer the static one because you can do a lot more with it. Install lighting features and wire it to the rest of the circuits in the yard.

I hope you like my exciting ideas. Your garden awaits a transformation to turn it into party central. It could be expensive, but you will not regret the investment, and neither will your guests.

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