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How to Create the Right Atmosphere in Your Restaurant

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Getting the atmosphere right in your restaurant is one of the most important things you can do. Without an atmosphere that feels right for your restaurant, then you will not get to where you want to be. So, here’s how to make sure that the atmosphere in your establishment is just right.

Hire the Best Staff

The people you hire to work in your restaurant will have a big say in the customer experience. If they are polite and helpful, then they will create a much more relaxed kind of environment. But if they are rude and don’t do their best to help the customers, then the atmosphere will be spoilt. So, you need to think very carefully when you are hiring staff members. Hiring the wrong people could really backfire on you, so be careful.

Get the Design Right

The design of the restaurant is another thing that you will have to work hard to get right. This is one of the major factors that will decide the atmosphere created in your restaurant. The design that you put in place needs to reflect what you want your restaurant to be and do. If you’re currently struggling for ideas for the design of your restaurant, get inspiration from the redesign of Stix Bar. By looking at what other restaurants have done, you will get some ideas of your own.


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Perfect the Lighting

This is perhaps the most important thing when it comes to creating the right atmosphere in your restaurant. If the lighting isn’t right, then it will be almost impossible to get the atmosphere right. Different kinds of restaurants need different kinds of lighting arrangements. If you want to create a high-end restaurant, then you need to have subdued lighting and candles on the table. But for restaurants that are faster moving and busy, it’s good to have lots of natural light entering the room.

Use Consistent Colours

As well as the lighting, colours are very important when you are trying to get the atmosphere right. If you have two or three colours that are included in your logo, you should carry this theme throughout the restaurant. You want to achieve consistency. That way, people will be able to visualise your brand and its identity much better. Your restaurant will stick out in people’s minds like no other, and that’s exactly what you need when you run a restaurant. And don’t go over the top with the colour choices.

Furniture and Table Settings

The seats that your customers are sitting on will have a big impact on their experience in your restaurant. And so will the tables that they sit at when they are eating. These things will, therefore, change the atmosphere in the restaurant. You should find the chairs and tables that you think serve your food and restaurant best and keep the customers comfortable. The table settings are very important too. You should get the textures on the table just right, and set out the cutlery properly.


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