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How To Deal With Hoarders In Your Family

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We’ve all seen the TV shows that focus on people who seem to have an inability to throw unwanted items away, and admittedly, we’ve probably all had a good old laugh at those involved. Even so, some families have to deal with this reality on a daily basis – and as you can probably imagine – finding new ways to discourage the person concerned from continuing with their habit can be very difficult indeed. This is why I’ve decided to take an hour out of my busy schedule and write and article today giving people in this situation some handy tips they might find useful.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m no expert on the matter, but I’ve found some really interesting information online that I believe you could all benefit from. Obviously the techniques I’m about to list won’t be suitable for everyone, but I’m confident they should at least give you some new ideas that can be worked into your individual strategies. Hoarding items like this is not normal, and it could cause significant health problems for everyone who lives in the property, which is why you should do your best to counteract this personality trait in every way possible.

Understanding Why Hoarding Occurs

Sure, there’s going to be a few people out there who do it because they’re incredibly lazy and can’t be bothered to take a walk to the bin, but in most cases hoarding is related to some kind of psychological condition that doctors may be able to help you with. Some people hoard because they’ve lost so much during their lifetime that they simply can’t bear to misplace anything they own; others do it because of an underlying depression that’s never been diagnosed. This is why you need to take the person concerned to see a specialist before trying any of my other suggestions.

Explaining How Their Hoarding Affects You

Occasionally, hoarders will collect items and ignore your concerns because they are mentally unaware of how their actions affect others around them. So, sit down with the individual and take the time to explain how keeping so many useless items is impacting on your own quality of life. You never know, this could give them the realisation they need to progress past this slightly childish habit.

Remove All The Items Yourself

This can be a little tricky because many hoarders become emotionally attached to the rubbish surrounding their feet, but so long as you find a way of removing them from the situation for a few hours, there’s no reason why you can’t employ the services of Mark Mauriello’s NJ dumpster rentals or another reputable company and start the cleaning job on your own. Sometimes we find the hoarder is more willing to acknowledge their problems when they see how they could potentially be living.

Remember, if all else fails, there are many professional counseling providers out there who would be more than willing to speak to the hoarder and attempt to help them through this troublesome time. It’s important you always seek outside help, as dealing with a situation like this on your own can be very distressing.

Good luck!

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