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How to Decorate Your Home With Unique Vintage Finds

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Vintage accessories and finds can create a great look in any home, and the great thing about them is that you know nobody else will have the same thing as you. You don’t have to spend a fortune, and you’re also helping the environment by recycling instead of buying new! But how can you decorate your home with unique vintage finds effectively? We’ll tell you!

Display Your Items In a Unique Place

Displaying your unique items in a unique place is a great way to show off your finds! You can use a book case or something similar to show off your things if you like; bowls, bookends, photographs, and little figurines all look great.

Use Free Wall Space

You might not want to put shelves on the wall in fear of them taking up too much space, but if you put up narrow shelves you can show off your vintage finds while taking up hardly any space. If you choose withered/distressed narrow shelves the look you create will be even better too! You can then display all kinds of different and unique vintage finds on the shelves.

Choose a Neutral Palette

A neutral palette gives a good background for vintage finds and really compliments the colours and shapes. Don’t worry about it being too ‘boring’ though; why not paint a wall a brighter colour to add more interest?

Use Unexpected Items

Unexpected items look great; teacups, old photo frames, and even old cans! You can find vintage labels on the internet that you can glue onto the cans yourself, and instead of using a photo frame in the traditional way why not frame something a bit different, like your jewellery? You can find vintage looking gifts for your home like this from The Other Duckling!

Old Books

Old looking books always look interesting and add a great effect when you want a vintage look in your home. You can put these on coffee tables, on shelves, and on coffee tables to get the look.

Used Suitcases

The suitcases you choose need to be the briefcase kind of suitcase to get the best effect. Why not stack them up next to your bed to create a bedside table? You could even hang them on the wall to use as shelves. Don’t worry if the colour is too boring for you either – simply spray them a pastel colour to spruce them up.

Use Old Planks

You can use old, weathered looking planks for many things, but one perfect way you can use them to create a vintage look is to stick them to the wall! This will really make your room look textured and interesting. Just add some deer antler and fluffy accessories to create a great contrast of materials and finds!

Are you inspired yet? There really are no rules when decorating with vintage finds – mix the old with the new, and create an interesting look by placing things in unexpected places and using items for things you wouldn’t expect – like an old lightbulb as a vase! The only limit is your imagination, so go wild!

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