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How To Employ Staff In A Foreign Country

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There are a million and one reasons a business owner might want to employ staff in a foreign country. It could be because it works out cheaper for the company, or maybe it’s because you’re planning to relocate your operation in the near future. Either way, you will have to follow the standard process laid out in this article. If you overlook anything important, you might not get the best workers. On top of that, you might find that your brand is landed with lots of fines for breaking regulations. At the end of the day, you should always aim to act in accordance with local laws if you want to build a good reputation in alternative territories.

Select your country and educate yourself about local employment law

Thankfully, you shouldn’t have to spend hours or days reading law books to increase your knowledge of local legal issues. You simply need to find a representative with experience in helping business to employ foreign workers. There should be plenty of lawyers available who are more than willing to help you with that task. When all’s said and done, you just need to make sure now laws are being broken by your plans. If they are, you need to alter them slightly to guarantee you act in an above board manner.

Place ads on relevant websites and in local newspapers

Unless you have lots of contacts in your chosen country already, the best way of finding workers is to place standard advertisements. That will mean you have no choice but to interview the candidates in a traditional manner. That isn’t so much of an issue if you’re employing people in the US and similar nations. You can simply travel over there and stay in corporate apartments until the interviews have been completed. Even if it takes a couple of months to find the best team, you will not have to pay as much as you would when staying in hotels.


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Send a native employee over to manage your staff

Leaving an entire team of foreign staff to look after their end of your business is never going to be a wise move. You must transfer one of your most trusted managers to the new office. Just send a memo around and see if anyone would be happy to relocate for a few months. Once they’ve served their term, you can swap them with another trusted employee. The idea is just to make sure your foreign workers stay motivated and have enough support. While you can offer them guidance via Skype, sometimes it best to have some feet on the ground. That will help to improve the working life of your employees and reduce the amount of major issues they might face.

You should now be in a better position to cover all the bases when employing foreign staff. Opening an office in India or somewhere like that could mean you save a fortune. Workers over there are considered rich in their communities if they earn more than around $2 each day. So, it’s not like you’re exploiting anyone.



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