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How To Fit Castor Wheels

Caster wheels are little wheels that can be attached to a variety of household items such as wardrobes and suitcases, and a variety of industrial items such as carts that carry heavy weight. You’ll also see them on tables, office chairs and more. Caster wheels make life much easier at home and at work, so knowing how to install them can really benefit you. Here’s how to fit caster wheels and improve your DIY skills:

Things you’ll Need:

Step 1

Take a look at the item you’re going to fit caster wheels onto and decide what direction you want it to move in. You can use rigid casters to move the item backwards and forwards, or use swivel casters to move the item in any direction.

Decide where you want to fit the wheels and see how many wheels you’ll need. The areas you pick to fit the wheels need to be flat and there must be enough room to hold the top plate of the wheel. Also take into account the weight of the object you’re installing the wheels on to.

Step 2

Go and purchase the correct amount, type and size caster wheels you need for your object. Don’t forget the screws you’ll need either, these should be wooden screws for wooden item installation or metal screws for metal item installation.

Bear in mind that caster wheels can come in a variety of materials and forms with different features. However, they all serve the same basic purpose regardless of the differences. Tell the shop assistant about your project and ask for a recommendation if you’re unsure of what to go for.

Step 3

When ready to begin your project, get a caster wheel and lay the top plate onto a flat part of where you want it to go on your item. Make sure that the plate fits properly onto the surface or you’ll encounter problems later on. Grab a pencil and mark where the four holes of the top plate go on the item, and then trace the outline of the plate.

Step 4

Using a center punch and hammer, hold the tip of the drill bit in place and use it to score the center of the pencil markings you’ve made. Do this until it begins to cut through your desired item but make sure you hold the drill bit firmly to avoid any mishaps.

Now use your drill to drill the right sized holes for the screws, or go one size smaller to ensure they fit snugly. Make sure you’re precise with your drilling so you go through exactly where the markings are, and remember to use the right type of drill bit for the surface you’re working on.

Step 5

Line up your caster wheel with the holes you’ve made and put the screws in. Make sure you tighten them firmly enough so the wheel is nice and sturdy. Repeat this for every wheel you install!

This Do It Yourself guide was written by John Stevens who is a supplier for castors from Atlas Handling in the UK.

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