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How to get a Job in Finance

Finance jobs are one the most sought after positions in the UK and for anyone that has just graduated in this field you want to be able to go out there and find a job that is going to meet your needs. Here we take a look at four tips to get you started and on your way to securing your dream financial job.

1 – Your CV

With so many people trying to apply for the one position you want to ensure that your CV stands out from the crowd. Take a look at various free templates that you can find online, try to find the one that you feel looks very clear and the layout is easy to see and read. If you can add an image of yourself to the CV this is a good selling point, many people won’t do this, but if the company can put a face to the name straight away you could be first in the door.

As there can be varying positions within the finance industry, employers are going to be looking for different things. A good tip when submitting your application is to change your CV according to what they are looking for. You can get some hints from the job advert, look at what they have listed as the most important and make sure that this is the first thing they see. This can be your qualifications, or even any hands on experience you may have had.

2 – Find An Apprentice or Internship

Even with the best qualifications in the world you may have to start at the bottom; this is because without the hands on knowledge of a job, how do employers know you are going to be good at it?

For many who have just qualified, or even those that are still undertaking their studies, finding a company that will take you under their wings as an intern could be your first step. This is also a good idea for you to ensure that this really is the way forward for you; as an intern you are going to be experiencing the real world of finance with all of its highs and lows.

You can find that many companies in the finance industry will take on several interns at any one time, so there can be a few positions available.

3 – Extra Courses

As well as the degree you may have already done, it can be a good idea to look at taking extra courses that are related to the finance sector you wish to get into, for example this can be in banking or it could be in the stock exchange.

4 – Be Prepared

As said before the array of job positions in finance is great, so when you find the area you wish to get into, you need to know all there is about it. Read up on things online or in books, or perhaps talk to people you may know in the industry to give you tips and advice.

When it comes to an interview you are going to be well prepared to answer questions asked of you, and you can also have a list of questions you wish to ask.

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