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How To Get Noticed At A Business Convention

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Business conventions can be highly competitive. A bunch of rivals in the same room together will always cause tensions. When you’re looking to be noticed though, you can’t let your competitors get the upper hand. You need to stand out from the crowd. You need to draw eyes, and here’s how you’ll do it.


Free Gifts

Free things always get attention. People don’t care what they’re getting so long as it is free. So what kind of free goodies can you look to give to people? Think about the convention itself. Where it’s held, when it’s held. If you can offer people something useful, they’re more likely to come over to your stall. Better yet, the word will spread.

Is it the dead of winter? How about a little pouch handwarmer filled with thermally conductive gel? Are you in the middle of summer in a hot, sweaty convention centre? Why not offer personal fans?

Always make sure to remain on your brand though. Any free gifts need to have your logo on them somewhere.

Professional Stand Design

A table with a white cloth over it won’t cut the mustard. You’ll look like amateurs even if you’re not. You’ll need to get a design team like the Finesse Group to make your stands to expert precision. It may cost more than the table with a sheet over it, but it’s worth it for the increased visibility.

If you have to, insist on reusable stand design. That way you can use it over and over for a few years at any conventions and events you attend.


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Conventions are almost entirely about schmoozing with others. If you want to get noticed you need to start meeting people. You should hopefully already have some contacts and contemporaries on the show floor. Visit their booths and stands. See who they’re talking to, get a feel for if they’re someone important or not.

In any case, be sure always to trade business cards. Business cards are what makes your mark here. Make sure it has relevant contact information, and stylishly displays your brand.

Public Demonstrations

If you are showing off a product be sure to bring it with you for display. It’s good to have footage of it in action playing on a monitor at your stand or booth. Better yet, make a public display of the product if you can. If you want to be bold, you can invite people checking out your stand to try it for themselves.

If you provide a service rather than a product, your demonstrations are limited to figures. Display them as simply but professionally as you can. Make sure they all indicate you get results and make sure they’re verified. Potential business can be lost by showing unverified and unproven results, even if the figures are accurate.

Be Memorable

Do something to make you, your face, or your name memorable. People are more likely to remember those that stand out. Wear a brightly coloured shift and a funny tie, anything goes just so long as people notice you.

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