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How To Get Your Home Ready For Selling

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So you’re selling your home. That’s great. No matter if you’re upsizing or downsizing. The thing is though when your house is on the market you need to be sure it’s going to sell. That means having to pay attention to the details you let slide in day to day life. Prospective buyers are going to notice anything and everything. Here are a few problem areas you may not have thought about.


Wall Damage

It can happen from time to time. Imagine you tripped down the stairs and were sent flailing elbow first into the wall. That’d make an impact upon the plaster and crack it, if not create a hole entirely. Now a little dent in the plaster isn’t going to make you think twice. It can just be covered up by hanging a photo over it, right?

Prospective buyers are going to notice. They’re going to check behind every painting and photograph. Don’t take it personally, they just know that people like to hide things about their home to make it more appealing.

What you’re being asked to do in this case is to make it more appealing by fixing the problem. This requires fixing the hole and replastering it. Of course, you’d also need to repaint that area of the wall too.


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This more a courtesy to your prospective home buyers, should anybody buy it. Your drains are probably filthy. It’s a common occurrence if you wash anything at all in your sink. Grease is your number one problem. Grease can congeal and stick in the drains, effectively clogging them up entirely.

If the damage is so bad nothing will flow down the drains anymore, then you’ve got yourself a problem big enough to call a drain unblocking service. You might be moving out, but you at least owe it to the homebuyers to provide functioning drains.


We’ve all spilled the occasional glass of wine. Much like hiding the wall damage, we do our best to hide the stain if possible. Carpet cleaning is expensive. This is another thing prospective homebuyers are going to notice, so is it too expensive to get the carpet cleaned now?

Some stains are stubborn. Professional steam cleaning should be able to do the job though. It should lift the stain right out of the carpet, or at least make it less noticeable. Even if the stain doesn’t go completely, you will hope the homebuyers would at least appreciate the effort.


I cannot stress this enough. A dirty home does not sell. Even holes in the wall and stains on the carpet will sell better than a home that is outright dirty. If you’re something of the messy sort, you need to change your ways long enough to sell the house.

The first step is making space. You’ll need to throw things out to lower your moving costs anyway, so assess things based on their use and throw out the things you don’t need. Once you’ve got that space, vacuum and dust everything.

So long as you’re making things clean and the home doesn’t have any glaring issues, you should do fine.

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