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How to improve your odds when playing roulette

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If you’ve ever taken a trip to a casino you already know just how imposing the roulette wheel can be. Find the best roulette strategy is something that many people wan’t to know about before playing. Moreover, it’s such a visually striking and relatively simple game that virtually anyone can immediately start playing it.  However, roulette isn’t nearly as profitable a game as many might have you believe. As with any casino game, the odds are slightly stacked in favor of the house, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t also employ your own strategies and perhaps come out on top despite this fact.

First things first, if you can play on a European wheel, please do so (as it reduces the house edge by half that of games played on an American roulette wheel). Locating a European wheel might be something of a challenge, especially if you’re in an American casino.  If you don’t see one on the main casino floor, ask the staff if they have one in another area, perhaps where high stakes games are played. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s focus on how to place bets…

For starters, you probably already realize that the odds of hitting a single number on a spin are pretty slim, right?  Moreover, you should also be aware that even if the ball lands on a single number which you’ve selected the payout is less than that of the actual odds.  For example, there are 38 numbers including 00 and 0, making the odds 37 to 1 that the ball will land on a number you call out.  Assuming the ball lands where you want it, the house will only pay out 35 to 1, so there’s little incentive to stick to single numbers.

Instead, roulette players should try to stick to minimum bets and make more reasonable wagers.  For instance, it’s been shown that if you bet on either black or red several times in a row you’re going to end up winning at least once throughout the course of a few spins.  This isn’t likely to net you any gains, however, unless you’re lucky, that is.  In order to significantly increase your odds you can bet on a solid color as well as a column which corresponds to the opposite color.  In this way, you’ve covered a much larger spread and the odds of turning up a win are greatly increased.  However, one shouldn’t expect to get rich using this method, luck is still required.

Lastly, remember that roulette probably isn’t going to be a game that will make you rich (unless, as previously indicated, you happen to be very lucky).   For this reason, it’s advised that you keep a level head with regards to how much time and money you spend spinning the wheel.   If things aren’t working out for you on several spins, either take a break or move on to another game altogether, whatever you do, don’t lose your cool or become too emotionally charged as it might turn you into easy prey.

Good luck and have fun!

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