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How To Keep Your Employees Happy

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Owning a business is hard work. But many hands make light work and hiring a team of staff to help you should keep the business moving forward.

However, their input will directly impact the workflow of the company. Therefore, it’s imperative that you keep them in a productive state of mind. The only effective way to achieve this is by keeping them happy.

Here are seven golden tips to do it.


  1.    Hire Well

Let’s face it, the staff isn’t going to be happy unless you are pleased with them. Recruitment is a crucial process, and it’s one that you simply cannot afford to get wrong.

Hiring the best candidates will ensure you get better results. And the less time you spend worrying about the workflow, the more time you can dedicate to keeping them happy.



  1.    Keep Them Safe

As the employer, you have a duty of care to keep staff safe at all times. Installing better security measures and safety features will work wonders for their subconscious morale.

This is particularly important in areas of manufacturing. A woodworking dust collection duct, for example, can prevent staff from falling ill. The reduced number of sick days won’t just keep a smile on their faces; it will put a grin on yours too.

  1.    Pay Them Well

Let’s not kid ourselves, the main motive for your staff to work is money. If you want them to be happy and productive in the workplace, pay them accordingly.

Pretty simple really.



  1.    Be A Leader

There are many different factors that contribute to being a great boss. As far as keeping your staff on track is concerned, the most important aspect is leading them with authority.

If they believe in you, they’ll work harder too. Conversely, if you don’t offer any guidance, they could quickly lose interest. Once that happens, your chances of seeing positive outcomes are slim.

  1.    Train Them

Keeping employees happy in their current job is great. But it’s equally important to recognise that they have ambitions and will want to climb the career ladder. Show them that they can do this within your company, and it should have a telling influence. One of the best ways to do this is through staff training.

We all need a little extra motivation to push ourselves that little bit further. Use the carrot of promotion to keep your staff going, and you won’t go far wrong. Besides, training is a great way to sculpt your team into your ultimate vision.

  1.    Be Empathetic

Another fantastic quality for any boss to possess is empathy. Working doesn’t define your employees, and you must appreciate the fact they have outside lives too.

Letting a team member work from home when their child is sick will instantly improve their feelings towards you. Cloud computing makes this more accessible than ever. As long as the work is completed, you shouldn’t be too concerned.

  1.    Encourage Better Relationships

Finally, if you want to keep your staff happy, you should encourage them to get on with each other. Arranging staff outings is a great way to achieve this. Alternatively, offer group rewards for a job well done to ensure they all pull together in the same direction.


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