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How to Boost your Confidence

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Self-confidence is a trait that is not only admired by everyone, but also inspires confidence in others. Self-confident individuals are able to directly face their fears and take risks. They understand that regardless of whatever challenges that may face them, they can be able to overcome them. Self-confident individuals perceive life in a positive light, even in situations when things are not going on so well. Additionally, they are normally satisfied with themselves and they have a high level of self-respect. If you feel that it would be amazing to have this sort of self-confidence every day of your life, then here are a few useful tips on how to boost your confidence.

Avoid Negative Influence and Always Embrace Positivity

One way you can start boosting your confidence is to first take some time to truly evaluate your closest relationships. Yes, especially your family and friends. While this might be a tough one, it is will be the beginning of your journey toward being more confident about yourself. Whether it’s your family or friends, it is high time that you seriously considered getting away from the people who always tend to make you feel bad about yourself or your life. Even a brief break from such negative energy will go a long way in enhancing your confidence.

Ry to be positive about everything, even when you are not exactly feeling it. Try infuse some positive enthusiasm while interacting with other people and avoid focusing on the obstacles or challenges in your life. Instead, try to focus on the solutions to the problems and make positive changes.

Change your Image and Body Language

This is where smiling, posture, speech and eye contact play a significant role. For instance, just being able to look at someone in the eye while talking gives the impression that you are confident about yourself, as well as what you are saying. Simple acts like smiling help to make you feel better and make other people around you feel more comfortable while around you. Additionally, speak slowly. According to scientific studies, people who speak slowly but clearly have a higher level of self-confidence. They are also perceived to be more self-confident by other people.Lastly, try to always ensure that you look good by dressing nicely and styling your hair by getting a clean shave. This helps to not only make you feel good about yourself, but also more likely to make other people perceive you as self-confident and successful.

Never Let Failure put you down

The trick to staying confident is to never give up. Do not accept failure or throw in the towel because there is always a solution to any problem or challenge. In fact, one of the greatest confidence boosters is being able to succeed in times of great adversity. Always try to avoid negative thoughts that tend to run through your mind in times of adversity. If you’re always bashing yourself and constantly saying you are not good enough, smart enough, or attractive enough, you’re creating a negative self-fulfilling prophecy. You will become what you are feeding your mind. Always try to focus on positive affirmation.

Be Prepared

Try to learn everything important about your job, field, presentation, or whatever is upcoming on your “to-do” list. Your self-confidence will significantly increase if you are well-prepared and you have the information to support what you are talking about.

Make a Great List during Tough Times

Life will always throw challenges at you, and there are times when we all feel as if it’s too overwhelming. While such situations in life will definitely affect your self-confidence, you can always overcome. During such times, settle down and create a list of all the things that you are thankful for in your life, and another list of all the things you feel proud of achieving. Post the lists on a wall next to your office desk, bathroom mirror, or refrigerator door-somewhere you can easily see the lists and remember about the amazing things you have had in your life. Whenever you feel as if your self- confidence is going down, take some time to view the lists and you will feel inspired again.

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