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How To Make A New House A Home With Simple Touches

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When you have just moved into a new home, it can feel really uncomfortable. You haven’t yet had a chance to put your own stamp on things, and none of your furniture really goes with the decor the previous occupants left behind. With the stress and hassle of packing and unpacking again, finding time to make your house feel homely can be tricky. The cost of moving may also have swallowed up any renovation budget you might have had too.

Personalising your home is key to feeling like it’s really your place. Adding little touches can go a long way to making you feel settled and happy. After the upheaval of moving, especially with children, it is important to do this straight away. If the budget is tight, you can look at making small but effective changes all over the house. For example, if you cannot afford to change the kitchen cabinets or worktops, you can look at adding little designs that are more to your taste.

One way to customise cupboard doors without replacing what you have is to add an overlay. This is more effective than just painting over a stencil and looks more classy and high-end. Once you have designed what you want, contact a company like CNC Routing to produce it in wood, metal or plastic of your choosing. You can then fix these to the cupboard fronts to have a custom, bespoke new look for your kitchen without the hassle of buying a new one.

If you can’t repaint the house yet, you can always try changing the quality of light that hits the walls. Most paint finishes respond really well to different lights. Change the bulbs or even the light fittings to change the color temperature and direction of the light on the walls. This can easily create a completely different look and will bring out the other hues in the paintwork. You can even use colored LEDs to throw stronger light colors around the room.

House a Home

Window dressings are another quick and easy enhancement to really change the feel and look of a room. If you are feeling the room is a little cramped, ditch the curtains and use Venetian blinds. They don’t intrude into the room and can help you feel there is more space. On the flip-side, if you feel the room isn’t very cosy, use big, bold colored curtains to soften the room and dampen any echo that makes it feel empty.

It can easily cost a lot of money just to redecorate a single room. Then there is the extra hassle of moving furniture out of the way that you have only just put in place. Moving house really puts us off packing and unpacking again. The trouble with moving is you never have time to decorate before you have to move in, and it is just so expensive. Adding little touches until you are ready to deal with the upheaval of decorating can be just what you need to feel more homely in your new place.

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