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How To Organise Loose Cables & Leads Around The Home

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Many people have all sorts of gadgets and electronic equipment in their homes these days, ranging from widescreen televisions, Blu-ray players, and games consoles to desktop computers, smartphones and hi-fi stereo systems.

Some of these gadgets might be wireless, but even in those cases, the wireless gadgets would still have some wires or cables hanging around because they will need charging up at some point.

So if you are fed up of your home being cluttered up with lots of leads and cables everywhere, or you are sick of your living room looking being taken over by dozens of electrical cables, then we can help you bring some Zen back into your life by showing you ways of organising those pesky loose cables and leads!

Solutions for Wall Mounted flat-screen Televisions

Image by Maplin

If you have a wall mounted flat-screen television, there may be times where you can’t chase some cables into the wall and plastering over them afterwards – for example, you live in rented accommodation. The problem here is that you could potentially have several cables coming down from the TV, such as HDMI cables, satellite TV decoder box cables, and power cables.

In these scenarios, consider getting a cable management solution. They are essentially plastic trunking kits that click to lock into place and are held on to the wall with adhesive backing. They hide those unsightly cables from view and offer a more blended-in appearance as you can paint them the same colour as your walls.

Cable Ties

Image by B&Q

These are super cheap to buy, and are available in a range of different colours and sizes. Cable ties are a good way to organise your cables and leads, and can be used with adhesive-backed bases or cable clips to keep things out of sight.

Cable Management Box

Image by Ikea

Another way to hide away those cables and leads (especially where you have power socket extension boards) is to use a cable management box. You simply route your extension board through the inside of the cable management box, and a removable cover at the top has a hole or slit where you can pass any charger leads or similar through them.

Spiral Cable Tidy

Image by Amazon

A more flexible way of organising your cables is to get yourself a spiral cable tidy. You simply gather any cables and leads together in the zip clip and feed them through the spiral cable tidy. They are very useful for protecting children and pets from cable hazards.

Handmade Cable Tidy

If you are looking for a more crafty solution to your headphone or charge cable conundrums, then you should get yourself a handmade cable tidy!  Or if you are up to the challenge, consider making your own one using cheap (or sometimes free) materials.

Leaf tie Cable Tidy

Image by Suck

The leaf tie cable tidy is a perfect way to tidy those cables and leads if you are a keen gardener or just fancy something inspired by nature.

Recycled Cable Organiser

A perfect and fun way to make use of those toilet rolls is to convert them for use as a recycled cable organiser! Not only will you be able to keep those cables out of sight, but also you will be diverting toilet rolls from landfill!

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